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“Ashes and Diamonds” Exhibition at Platina

"Ashes and Diamonds" Exhibition at Platina

        A juried contemporary jewellery exhibition created as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program, curated by Päivi Ruutiainen in cooperation with HUMAK and The Jewellery Art Association in Finland.       Ulla Ahola   Clarice Finell   Helena Lehtinen   Elli Hukka   Eero Lintusaari   Veera Metso [...]

Made of Stone

By Rosa Nogués Freixas Catalina Brenes Lucia Massei Michael Becker Lucia Massei Tanel Veenre Tarja Tuupanen Deborah Rudolph Stones are considered inanimate “bodies” for not having their own life, but even so, they are a kind of matter that is modulated and transformed over the time. In fact, with or without life, this solid, rigid [...]

Coffe-talk with Helena Lehtinen and Tarja Tuupanen in Barcelona

Last Friday I attended the coffe-talk with Helena Lehtinen and Tarja Tuupanen at La Germinal in Barcelona. Along with Eija Mustonen form the Hibernate group, they are also members of Korutaideyhdistys, an association that aims to promote and improve the recognition of contemporary jewelry as an artistic form. Tarja informed us about the association’s activities and [...]

Tarja Tuupanen

Des del Blanc sobre Blanc de Kasimir Malevich molts artistes han aprofundit en l’estudi del blanc des d’un punt de vista abstracte. Aquesta joiera es mostra fascinada pel blanc del propi material que utilitza pel seu treball, una varietat d’òpal blanc que té un aspecte semblant a la porcellana. Quant al buit i ple i [...]