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"Surface and Substance" Exhibition at Electrum and CAA

You can visit the exhibition Surface and Substance showing international contemporary enamel jewelry curated by Jessica Turrell at Electrum and CAA Galleries. A les galeries Electrum  CAA  es pot visitar l’exposició Surface and Substance on es mostres treballs de joieria contemporània fets amb esmalts. L’exposició és comisariada per la Jessica Turrell. Artists on show at [...]

Jewels in Motion

By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Susie Ganch  Isabell Schaupp  Mari Funaki  Michael Berger Donna D’Aquino To talk about kinetics, means to talk about movement, speed, rhythm, time.  Motion involves changes: faster or slower, but nothing stops, moving all the time. To talk about it involves the notion of the future, the presence of a future that [...]

Susie Ganch

L’Amy Tavern menciona a aquesta joiera en un dels seus darrers posts. Val la pena visitar el seu web i gaudir del seu treball. Klimt02 i Velvet da Vinci. Amy Tavern mentions this jeweler in one of her recent posts. It’s interesting to visit her website and enjoy her work. Klimt02 and Velvet da Vinci.