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Enamel, the Paint of Fire

By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Julia Turner  Isabell Schaupp  Bettina Speckner Helen Carnac  Gemma Draper  Susanne Forsström  Mirjam Hiller In contemporary art, the research and development of new methods of work are ingredients that encourage creativity.  In this case, we see examples of different applications of enamel by free reinterpretation of this ancient craft. Despite its [...]

Susanne Forsström

Aquesta artista veu les seves joies com un amulet, un portador de records. Amb les seves subtils referències a la natura ens endinsa en una altra realitat. Kit and caboodle i Klimt02. This artist sees his jewelry as amulets, carriers of memories. Their subtle references to nature take us into a different reality. Kit and [...]