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"Surface and Substance" Exhibition at Electrum and CAA

You can visit the exhibition Surface and Substance showing international contemporary enamel jewelry curated by Jessica Turrell at Electrum and CAA Galleries. A les galeries Electrum  CAA  es pot visitar l’exposició Surface and Substance on es mostres treballs de joieria contemporània fets amb esmalts. L’exposició és comisariada per la Jessica Turrell. Artists on show at [...]

"Fused" Exhibition at Flow

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition Fused at Flow Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Melissa Rigby and shows enameled pieces. Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició Fused a la galeria Flow. L’exposició està organitzada per Melissa Rigby i s’hi mostren treballs fets amb esmalts. Artists / Artistes: Carola Bauer, Stacey Bentley, Kirsty Brown, [...]

Electrum and CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts), London

Electrum and CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts), London

The first time I visited Electrum Gallery was seven years ago when I was fascinated with the quantity and variety of jewelers who showed their pieces there. At this visit I saw that they had made renovations – the lower floor is no longer open to the public and the number of exhibitors is reduced. Electrum, [...]

Stacey Bentley

Aquesta joiera crea unes estructures de fràgil aparença combinant l’esmalt amb diferents metalls. Dazzle i Klimt02. This jeweler creates seemingly fragile structures, combining enamel with different metals. Dazzle and Klimt02.