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“Lo Imposible” Exhibition by Joyas Sensacionales Collective at Labor Im Chor

"Lo Imposible" Exhibition by Joyas Sensacionales Collective at Labor Im Chor

       Alicia Giráldez   Begoña Prats   Carme Roher    Elisa Pellacani    Eva Burton Eva Girbes  Fátima Tocornal     Gema Canal    Lola Gratacós   Lourdes Carmelo   Marta Roca Solé    Montse Basora   Montserrat Lacomba    Nicole Deuster    Núria Anguren    Paula Bahadian    Rosa Nogués Freixas Stéphanie Barbié [...]

Joya 2012, My Visit (Part One)

Joya 2012, My Visit (Part One)

  This past weekend I traveled to Barcelona to visit two jewelry fairs: “Joya” and “Espaijoia.”  Today I will talk about “Joya” and I will soon dedicate another post to “Espaijoia.” The fourth edition of the contemporary jewelry fair “Joya” in Barcelona surprised us with more artists and also more attendees. This year the fair was [...]

“Melting Point 2012″. Joieria Contemporània València

"Melting Point 2012". Joieria Contemporània València

        From May 3rd to 9th “Melting Point 2012” will be held in València (Spain).  It’s a great event celebrating 10 years of the Jewelry Department of Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València.   Del 3 al 9 de maig es celebra  ”Melting Point 2012” a València. És un gran event per [...]

Exhibition by Joyas Sensacionales Group at ArteArtesanía

Exhibition by Joyas Sensacionales Group at ArteArtesanía

      El proyecto de Joyas Sensacionales hará su cuarto aniversario este año. Hemos disfrutado y trabajado juntas alrededor de 12 temas, entre ellos lo peligroso, lo secreto y lo encontrado y hemos expuesto estos trabajos en 14 galerías y salas diferentes. El grupo está continuamente cambiando: gente que se va y nuevas personas [...]

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 – Part 2

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 - Part 2

    Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Lourdes Carmelo and Silvia Walz talking about the jewels   Judy McCaig in the exhibition   Continuing our walk arround Munich during Schmuck, we visited the exhibition “Bewegung und Farbe” by Michael Becker at Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein E.V.  Drawings were also shown with his exquisite pieces, making you feel surrounded by [...]

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 – Part 1

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 - Part 1

  I traveled to Munich with some of my colleagues from the Joyas Sensacionales collective. We were a group of nine guided by Ramon Puig Cuyàs and his wife Silvia Walz.  It was fabulous to tour with them and I want to express my gratitude for all I learned during those days.   Vaig viatjar [...]

“Homenatge a Tomàs Palos” Exhibition in Tarragona

"Homenatge a Tomàs Palos" Exhibition in Tarragona

      This is an exhibition in homage to jeweler Tomàs Palos who has been working for 35 years as a jewelry teacher at the Escola D’art i Disseny de la Diputació in Tarragona (Spain).  The exhibition runs until March 25th at Palau de la Diputació in Tarragona.   Aquesta és una exposició en [...]

“Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona”, online exhibition on Crafthaus

"Spain's Jewelry Hotspot -- The Massana School in Barcelona", online exhibition on Crafthaus

  I’m really excited to invite you to explore “Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona,” an on-line exhibition that you can visit until March 23th on Crafthaus. Many thanks to Brigitte Martin, Editor of Crafthaus, who engouraged me to organize the exhibit, many thanks to jewelers and teachers Ramon Puig Cuyàs and [...]

Retrospective Exhibition by Silvia Walz in Barcelona

Retrospective Exhibition by Silvia Walz in Barcelona

    Silvia Walz: Vestiges in a time-other Silvia Walz shows us her work here in a retrospective which is more like one stage in an artistic career in process. We find a variety of arguments within each piece, joined together in a complex discourse. Taken as a whole, is there a feminine sensibility? There [...]

“Barcelona, Barcelona” Exhibition at Villa Bengel

"Barcelona, Barcelona" Exhibition at Villa Bengel

  From  today January 18th until March 13th you can visit the exhibition “Barcelona, Barcelona” at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein. The exhibition is organized by the Fachhochschule Trier and the Massana School and presents a representative selection of work by teachers and ex pupils of the Massana School specializing in jewelry and curated by Theo [...]

"The Escola Massana" Exhibition at Pilartz

1929 – In the year of the World Exhibition in Barcelona the school first opened its doors. The wealthy confectioner Augustí Massana was its generous donor and founded the academy for design in industry and artisan craftworks. With this he anticipated the future connection of industry and arts and set on design early on. The [...]

Once upon a time

By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Anna Talbot  Lisa Björke  Manfred Bischoff Elisa Pellacani  Silvia Walz  Tabea Reulecke  Xavier Ines Monclús The world of bedtime stories allows us to dream, to travel, to imagine and to sometimes make us feel more than think.  That’s because these tales are the product of feelings, desires and concerns. They allow [...]

Silvia Walz and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, My Favorite Pair of Jewelers in Their Studio

Silvia Walz and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, My Favorite Pair of Jewelers in Their Studio

When I arrived in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a city near Barcelona, the first thing I did was go to the sea and walk along the pier of the harbor where I could see the flat where Silvia Walz and Ramon Puig Cuyàs live and have their workshop.  I think they are very fortunate because, for those of us who [...]


By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Auba Pont  Helena Lehtinen  Emanuela Duca Silvia Walz Julie Blyfield Sebastian Buescher Mari Ishikawa Considering that artists are inspired by things around them, it is not surprising that nature is a recurrent and much loved theme. Mari Ishikawa, Emanuela Duca, Silvia Walz, Julie Blyfield, Auba Pont, Helena Lehtinen and Sebastian Buescher [...]

Visiting "Conexions / Transversals" Exhibition

Visiting "Conexions / Transversals" Exhibition

Tensi Solsona  Úrsula Viñolas  Silvia Walz Josep Carles Pérez Judy McCaig  Ramon Puig Cuyàs  Elisabet Puig Barral Carles Codina Carmen Amador  Pilar Cotter A few days ago I visited the “Conexions / Transversals” exhibition at Amaranto.  If you still haven’t gone, please write in your datebook that it runs until November 27th.  I recommend it. [...]

Joyas Sensacionales: "The ephimeral and the durable" at Siesta

We invite you on Thursday November 18th at 19:30 to the exhibition opening of “The ephimeral and the durable” from the “Joyas Sensacionales” group coordinated by jeweler Silvia Walz on Taller Perill at Siesta Gallery in Barcelona. The exhibition will be open until November 25th. Older posts about this group. Us convidem el dijous 18 [...]

"Conexions/Transversals" Group Exhibition at Amaranto

Connexions / Transversals Parlar de la renovació de la joieria catalana, és parlar també de l’Escola Massana. Quan a finals dels anys cinquanta, el joier i pintor Manel Capdevila, es fa càrrec d’organitzar el nou departament de joieria, va aportar la seva experiència com artista, per concebre les seves classes com una aula oberta, en [...]

Visiting "Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona"

Last Friday, after lunch with Silvia Walz, I visited “Joya“, the fair that each year allows us to widely enjoy contemporary jewelry.  It was a prime occasion for speaking with gallerists and artists like Roberta Ferreira and Laura Jener from Dterra, Piotr Rybaczek from La Basílica Gallery, Leo Caballero from Klimt02, and also with Liana Pattihis, [...]


After the holidays, we have a lot of workshop proposals.  These are some of them. Després de les les vacances hi ha un piló de propostes de tallers. Tot seguit uns quants. Taller Perill Barcelona Course / Curs: “Proyectos de joyería contemporánea con esmaltes. Espacios” Silvia Walz Barcelona dterra Sant Cugat del Vallès Lotte de [...]

Silvia Walz. New website

Jeweler Silvia Walz presents her new website where you can see an extensive collection of works showing her long trajectory and also information about the projects and courses she teaches. I admire her tremendous capacity for work, but overall what I like from Silvia is the restless eagerness to discover that drives her to constantly search and [...]

Joyas Sensacionales: "Allò perdut / allò trobat" at Els Tresors de la Barca

We invite you on Friday June 18th at 8 pm to the exhibition opening of “Allò perdut / Allò trobat” from the “Joyas Sensacionales” group coordinated by jeweler Silvia Walz on Taller Perill at Els Tresors de la Barca jewelry in Girona. The exhibition will be open until September 18th. It would be great to [...]

"Le verre dans tous ses éclats" at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h

From May 13th to June 13th you can visit the group exhibition “Le verre dans tous ses éclats” at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h. Participating artists: Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Donald Friedlich, Karl Fritsch, Morgane Guilcher, Carolina Martínez Linares, Joan Parcher, Karli Sears, Barbara Stutman, Blanche Tilden, Silvia Walz, Vanessa Yanow. Des del 13 de Maig fins el [...]

Joyas Sensacionales: "Lo Pesado / Lo Ligero" at ArteArtesanía

Next Saturday, May 8th, is the opening of the exhibition “Lo Pesado / Lo Ligero” at ArteArtesanía from the “Joyas Sensacionales” group coordinated by the jeweler Silvia Walz on Taller Perill. I’m very glad and feel proud to be a part of this group. El proper dissabte dia 8 s’inaugura a ArteArtesanía l’exposició “Lo Pesado / [...]

"Art To Go" at Galerie Pilartz

Helen Britton Simone Giesen Silvia Walz  Mirjam Hiller Christa Lühtje   Jacomijn van der Donk Today, the exhibition “Art To Go” opens at Galerie Pilartz. Participating jewelers are  Helen Britton, Simone Giesen, Silvia Walz, Mirjam Hiller, Christa Lühtje, and Jacomijn van der Donk. You can visit it until May 22nd. More information on Klimt02. Avui és la [...]