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Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 1

  I landed in Munich on Thursday afternoon and for four days I felt surrounded by the most fascinating contemporary jewelry I have ever seen in such a short time. Two days before I planned my visits, I began following the paper by Current Obsession which made it easy since it contained all the most important information [...]

“Dream Now”, Workshop by Ruudt Peters

"Dream Now", Workshop by Ruudt Peters

  Theme: The workshop DREAM NOW is being held in the countryside of the southern Netherlands. DREAM NOW is a workshop where you learn to discover the freedom and flair of creativity. Most of the people forget to dream. Dreaming is an estention force to get in touch with. Not all human beings are aware [...]

"Corpus" Exhibition by Ruudt Peters at Galerie Rob Koudijs

Between body and spirit. Flat, amorphous shapes in subdued shades of dark-grey. Ruudt Peters’ new jewellery appears to be austere and abstract until the eye is drawn to the occasional sharp edges, or intentionally modelled surfaces. Peters is always on a quest for spirituality in his work as his earlier work has demonstrated. One line [...]


By Rosa Nogués Freixas Gesine Hackenberg Tarja Lehtinen Karl Fritsch Donald Friedlich Ruudt Peters  Jiro Kamata To speak about glass means to speak about light, clarity and sharpness.  Glass doesn’t hide, glass reveals.  With a consistent appearance but fragile structure, glass is present in many products and applications in our environment involving its attractive and [...]

"Joya Brava" New Chilean Association of Contemporary Jewelry and the Exhibition by Ruudt Peters at MAC

Photographs by Carolina Gimeno Last Thursday was the presentation of Joya Brava, the first Chilean association of contemporary jewelry, in parallel with the retrospective exhibition by Ruudt Peters at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago de Chile. El passat dijous es va presentar Joya Brava, la primera associació xilena de joieria contemporània, coincidint amb [...]

The Plastic Show Exhibition at Velvet da Vinci

Javier Moreno Frías Anika Smulovitz Shana Astrachan Joe Churchman Until October 31st you can visit the exhibition “The Plastic Show” at Velvet da Vinci presenting works from the recently published “500 Plastic Jewelry Designs” by Lark Books. Fins el dia 31 d’octubre es pot visitar l’exposició “The Plastic Show” a la galeria Velvet da Vinci [...]

Steinbeisser Project

Steinbeisser is a new project that presents artists in jewelry, fashion and design that tours to different cities.  I especially like this nomadic aspect of the project since it has to adapt to different spaces and connect to a varied public.  The tour began at the end of last year in Amsterdam and now, until July [...]

Lingam exhibition

M’agrada seguir el blog Broesvitrine de la Broes van Iterson. Fa uns dies va publicar dos posts sobre aquesta exposició i en recomano la seva lectura. Explicant la seva experiència ens apropa a aquest aconteixement on, a través del símbol del lingam, s’evidencia la diferència entre cultures. L’exposició, organitzada per Ruudt Peters, ara es pot [...]

Op Voorraad

La Ineke Heerkens, la Jantje Fleischhut i la Jeannette Jansen són les responsables de “Op Voorraad” una botiga de joies a Amsterdam que, molt allunyada del concepte de galeria, ofereix la possibilitat, fins el 19 de desembre, de poder comprar peces de reconeguts joiers actuals. Em sembla una idea magnífica. Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and [...]

Ruudt Peters

M’agrada el treball d’aquest artista. He trobat els dos primers fermalls, tan caòtics, al costat d’altres basats en aquesta estructura geomètrica que ell utilitza cobrint-la, afegint-hi altres formes, duplicant-la, transformant la seva fredor.