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Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 2

  My second day in Munich was very exiting. From 10:00 until 21:00 I visited different exhibitions. At the exhibition of Mineral Art 2014: “between layers – worlds within agate” I met Helena Lehtinen, one of the winners of the Herbert Hofmann-Award 2013 and juror of the Mineral Art Award 2014. She told me about the next Koru5 that will be [...]

"Australian Jewelry Topos" Exhibition at Gallery Loupe

  Mel Miller Nicole Polentas Dougal Haslem Lucy Hearn Kirsten Haydon This exciting exhibition brings together eighteen young Australian artists, all graduates of the Gold and Silvermithing Department at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The theme of topos, place, is explored through a diverse and fascinating group of jewelry objects. The group will be joined by [...]

"Metal" Exhibition by Robert Baines at Object Gallery

Pendant and Brooches from the series Hey True Blue, 2010. Photograhps by Jeremy Dillon Until January 2011 you can visit the exhibition “Metal” by Robert Baines at Object Gallery. Older post from this artist. Fins els gener del 2001 es pot visitar l’exposició “Metal” de Robert Baines a la galeria Object. Post anterior d’aquest artista.

Robert Baines

This artist’s works have nothing to do with the preconceived idea we usually have about filigree. Klimt02, Craft Australia and RMIT University. El treballs d’aquest artista no tenen res a veure amb la idea preconcebuda que normalment tenim de la filigrana. Klimt02, Craft Australia i RMIT University.