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“Staring at the Subconscious” by Jenny Edlund at Platina

"Staring at the Subconscious" by Jenny Edlund at Platina

    In Jenny Edlund’s third exhibition, Staring at the subconscious, at gallery Platina, the time is not given. Jenny Edlund is in middle of life and her thoughts are directed both backward and forward in time. She’s not only in her own middle age, but also in the middle of a larger context, surrounded by the society [...]

“Ashes and Diamonds” Exhibition at Platina

"Ashes and Diamonds" Exhibition at Platina

        A juried contemporary jewellery exhibition created as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program, curated by Päivi Ruutiainen in cooperation with HUMAK and The Jewellery Art Association in Finland.       Ulla Ahola   Clarice Finell   Helena Lehtinen   Elli Hukka   Eero Lintusaari   Veera Metso [...]

“Sense – Mapping” Exhibition by Iris Eichenberg at Platina

"Sense - Mapping" Exhibition by Iris Eichenberg at Platina

  How is it that a color is able to evoke the sensations of has? And how does weight, not touched, not carried, trigger a strengthening of our muscles? And why would a visible, endless repetition of handling stretch the notion of time, and have a sound to it, and a rhythm still active after [...]

“Only Memories” Exhibition by Jorge Manilla at Platina

"Only Memories" Exhibition by Jorge Manilla at Platina

      “This is not just another story, this work tells the story of our lifes, a story of love and death, of feelings and tempations, Wild moments, intense moments, moments that make us feel that we are alive…”    J. Manilla       Platina welcomes Jorge Manilla from Mexico City to his [...]

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 – Part 3

Visiting Munich During Schmuck 2012 – Part 3

        We arrived at the “Handwerk & Design” fair  on Saturday morning the 17th where spent almost the entire day. Platina Gallery, Galerie Ra and Galerie Marzee were showing their best selections.   Van arribar a la fira ”Handwerk & Design” el dissabte dia 17 al dematí i vam passar-hi quasi tot el [...]

“Forever Dead” Exhibition by Märta Mattsson at Platina

"Forever Dead" Exhibition by Märta Mattsson at Platina

    Märta Mattsson is not afraid of the repulsive; on the contrary, she sees beauty in the unpleasant. Fascinated by what we normally are disgusted by, she allows it to be material, processed and put into new contexts. Curiosity drives her to discover unexplored areas, finding alternatives to what is common. Like an 18th [...]

Helena Lindholm at Platina

This is an exhibition but there is no title. The words are few but the content great. There are dreams and there are stories. There is jewelry with and without precious stones. There are various materials and much effort put in. There is value, which you determine yourself. There are no pre-determined prices. You set [...]

"Artefacts of life" Exhibition by Manon van Kouswijk at Platina

(…) The adornment of the human body is a primal urge that has created a flow of jewellery with endless symbolism. Jewellery is beautiful, it provides protection; it is economic security; shows status; carries memories and more. Jewellery refers to human and spiritual issues. The objects are often small in size but take the greater place [...]

Paradise Regained Exhibition by Tanel Veenre at Platina

There are moments when one experiences a feeling of exceptional clarity. Everything instantly seems possible and, for a time, all the threads of doubt weave together to form an invincible rope of conviction, able to carry even the heaviest of burdens. The entire world and every single universe combined can be fastened to that rope. [...]

"Blackened Brilliance" Exhibition by Sofia Björkman at Platina

Today is the openig of the exhibition “Blackened Brilliance” by Sofia Björkman at Platina Gallery. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició “Blackened Brilliance” de la Sofia Björkman a la galeria Platina.

Platina celebrates 10th anniversary

Paula Lindblom Agnes Larsson Mia Maljojoki La galeria Platina celebra el seu dècim aniversari amb l’exposició “For long and faithful duty – 10 years of beauty“. La inauguració és avui i s’hi podran veure peces de 78 artistes. Platina celebrates its 10th anniversary with the exhibition “For long and faithful duty – 10 years of [...]