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Pilar Cotter and Her Passion for Porcelain

Pilar Cotter and Her Passion for Porcelain

  Pilar Cotter’s workshop is located in the Poble Nou area of Barcelona, in a space she shares with two working jewelers and a painter. She defines it as  “the territory where I find responses to many things that intrigue me, a space to share, full of conversations and that represents a style of life.” [...]

“Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona”, online exhibition on Crafthaus

"Spain's Jewelry Hotspot -- The Massana School in Barcelona", online exhibition on Crafthaus

  I’m really excited to invite you to explore “Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona,” an on-line exhibition that you can visit until March 23th on Crafthaus. Many thanks to Brigitte Martin, Editor of Crafthaus, who engouraged me to organize the exhibit, many thanks to jewelers and teachers Ramon Puig Cuyàs and [...]

“Barcelona, Barcelona” Exhibition at Villa Bengel

"Barcelona, Barcelona" Exhibition at Villa Bengel

  From  today January 18th until March 13th you can visit the exhibition “Barcelona, Barcelona” at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein. The exhibition is organized by the Fachhochschule Trier and the Massana School and presents a representative selection of work by teachers and ex pupils of the Massana School specializing in jewelry and curated by Theo [...]

Visiting "Conexions / Transversals" Exhibition

Visiting "Conexions / Transversals" Exhibition

Tensi Solsona  Úrsula Viñolas  Silvia Walz Josep Carles Pérez Judy McCaig  Ramon Puig Cuyàs  Elisabet Puig Barral Carles Codina Carmen Amador  Pilar Cotter A few days ago I visited the “Conexions / Transversals” exhibition at Amaranto.  If you still haven’t gone, please write in your datebook that it runs until November 27th.  I recommend it. [...]

"Conexions/Transversals" Group Exhibition at Amaranto

Connexions / Transversals Parlar de la renovació de la joieria catalana, és parlar també de l’Escola Massana. Quan a finals dels anys cinquanta, el joier i pintor Manel Capdevila, es fa càrrec d’organitzar el nou departament de joieria, va aportar la seva experiència com artista, per concebre les seves classes com una aula oberta, en [...]