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"Sieraarden" Exhibition by Peter Hoogeboom at Galerie Ra

The Dutch title Sieraarden is a play on the words sieraad (piece of jewellery) and aarde (earth). For this is an exhibition which features objects made of earth, i.e. clay, which can be worn on the body. The same fertile earth that produces our food and the same earth in which artefacts from other periods and [...]

"SODAmore Summer 2010: 
Contemporary Art Jewellery Exhibition", Soda Gallery

 Barbara Stutman Piece: Sapphire Duo for a Maharajah Vinyl lacing, colored wire, seedbeads  Anat Sapir Bracelet: Pine cone 2008 Glass, flexible silicone cord Doerthe Fuchs Earrings Oxidized silver, pearls 6.5 cm Ela Cindoruk Earrings Paper, pearls, silver If you travel to Istanbul this summer, you can visit from today until August 28th the “SODAmore Summer [...]

Steinbeisser Project

Steinbeisser is a new project that presents artists in jewelry, fashion and design that tours to different cities.  I especially like this nomadic aspect of the project since it has to adapt to different spaces and connect to a varied public.  The tour began at the end of last year in Amsterdam and now, until July [...]

"Bijoux de porcelaine, et plus…" at Galerie Hélène Porée

 Peter Hoogeboom  Andrea Wagner  Mette Vivelsted  Pauline Wiertz Karin Seufert Until June 5th you can visit the exhibition “Bijoux de porcelaine, et plus…” at Galerie Hélène Porée, presenting jewelry made with porcelain by these artists: Andrea Wagner (D/NL), Peter Hoogeboom (NL), Marion Delarue (F), Sophie Honegger (CH), Annabelle d’Huart (F), Karin Seufert (D), Mette Vivelsted [...]

Walking the Gray Area: the exhibition

Today is the opening exhibition “Walking the Gray Area“  at Emilia Cohen gallery with the work of artists who, since last September, have been engaged in dialogue about mobility, identities and contemporary jewelry. We have been following them on the Walking the Gray Area blog. Also more information on Klimt02. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició “Walking [...]

Peter Hoogeboom

En l’obra d’aquest joier s’intueix l’empremta d’antigues cultures. No tenen sols un sentit estètic sinó que les seves peces volen ser en si mateixes portadores de missatges de civilitzacions imaginades. Klimt02.