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The Plastic Show Exhibition at Velvet da Vinci

Javier Moreno Frías Anika Smulovitz Shana Astrachan Joe Churchman Until October 31st you can visit the exhibition “The Plastic Show” at Velvet da Vinci presenting works from the recently published “500 Plastic Jewelry Designs” by Lark Books. Fins el dia 31 d’octubre es pot visitar l’exposició “The Plastic Show” a la galeria Velvet da Vinci [...]

"IntoFlora" Exhibition at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery

 Ana Hagopian For Cate Blanchett ‘Campanula’ necklace in paper and twine Ana Hagopian Into… Cate Blanchett Cate Blanchett inspired me for the piece called “Campanula”. She is like an elphin creature whose beauty is shown in her simplicity and poetry, as Cate herself. A beauty that evokes the magic sound of nature and the brightness [...]

"Transmutations/Material Reborn" Exhibition at Gallery Loupe

Until July 16th you can visit at Gallery Loupe the exhibition “Transmutation/Material Reborn” featuring artists whose work uses plastic as a foundational element. Until July 16th you can visit at Gallery Loupe the exhibition “Transmutation/material reborn“, with the artist’s work who use plastic as a foundational element. Participating artists / Artistes participants: Julia Barello, Mary Donald, [...]

Natalya Pinchuk

These are pieces from the “Growth Series” in which the artist played with the idea of ambiguity between natural and artificial. She was selected for Schmuck 2010, celebrated a few days ago. Klimt02. Aquestes són peces de la “Growth series” on l’artista juga a l’ambigüitat entre allò natural i allò artificial. Ha estat una dels [...]