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“Life is juicy – How fragile is your day” Exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Galerie Spektrum

"Life is juicy - How fragile is your day" Exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Galerie Spektrum

  In this series, I have been experimenting with porcelain to create wearable jewellery that explores the marks that emotions leave on our flesh. Porcelain, like skin, begins as a soft, moist, and pliable substance. It can easi- ly be stretched, pushed, folded, scratched, torn, or rebonded to itself. When the desired series of actions [...]

“Ashes and Diamonds” Exhibition at Platina

"Ashes and Diamonds" Exhibition at Platina

        A juried contemporary jewellery exhibition created as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program, curated by Päivi Ruutiainen in cooperation with HUMAK and The Jewellery Art Association in Finland.       Ulla Ahola   Clarice Finell   Helena Lehtinen   Elli Hukka   Eero Lintusaari   Veera Metso [...]

“Aurora” New Jewelry by Mia Maljojoki at Velvet da Vinci

"Aurora" New Jewelry by Mia Maljojoki at Velvet da Vinci

  For this series, I have worked with textiles to capture color and movement in object form. Through an iterative process of dyeing, sewing, painting, stitching, and dipping simple fabrics are transformed into ephemeral yet wearable skyscapes of hue and shade.             Until April 29th you can visit the exhibition [...]

"Explosive: Frozen Fireworks" Exhibition by Mia Maljojoki at Galerie Rob Koudijs

Anger, excitement, surprise set off fireworks in your brain. The Finnish artist Mia Maljojoki’s aspires to capture such emotional moments in material form. She is a jewellery-maker which means her pieces of work are worn as close to your skin as the feelings they express. Surprisingly she has chosen plaster as her preferred material and [...]

Walking the Gray Area: the exhibition

Today is the opening exhibition “Walking the Gray Area“  at Emilia Cohen gallery with the work of artists who, since last September, have been engaged in dialogue about mobility, identities and contemporary jewelry. We have been following them on the Walking the Gray Area blog. Also more information on Klimt02. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició “Walking [...]

Platina celebrates 10th anniversary

Paula Lindblom Agnes Larsson Mia Maljojoki La galeria Platina celebra el seu dècim aniversari amb l’exposició “For long and faithful duty – 10 years of beauty“. La inauguració és avui i s’hi podran veure peces de 78 artistes. Platina celebrates its 10th anniversary with the exhibition “For long and faithful duty – 10 years of [...]

Op Voorraad

La Ineke Heerkens, la Jantje Fleischhut i la Jeannette Jansen són les responsables de “Op Voorraad” una botiga de joies a Amsterdam que, molt allunyada del concepte de galeria, ofereix la possibilitat, fins el 19 de desembre, de poder comprar peces de reconeguts joiers actuals. Em sembla una idea magnífica. Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and [...]

Mia Maljojoki

Uns recurs que a vegades empren els nens quan pinten un paisatge nevat és deixar el paper en blanc o dibuixar només unes línies per explicar el contorn de les muntanyes, llavors diuen: com que està nevat tot és blanc! Aquesta joiera utilitza guix dental per crear refinades joies de color blanc que percebem amb [...]