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“Hanging Gardens” Exhibition by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio

"Hanging Gardens" Exhibition by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio

  Today is the opening of the exhibition ”Hanging Gardens” by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio in Tokyo, with a lecture by the artist tomorrow. The exhibition runs until September 29th. For more informations please visit the Klimt02 and the O-Jewel websites. Older posts from this jeweler.

Mari Ishikawa and Mirei Takeuchi in Munich

Mari Ishikawa and Mirei Takeuchi in Munich

All Jewels are in the under ground     Mari Ishikawa     Mirei Takeuchi   Jewels from Mari Ishikawa and  Mirei Takeuchi on exhibition at Kunstarkaden in Munich. Thank you Mari for sending these images to share with us. Joies de la Mari Ishikawa i la Mirei Takeuchi exposades a Kunstarkaden a Munich. Gràcies Mari per enviar-me aquestes imatges per compartir amb [...]

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

  A few days ago I visited Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona.  How lucky it is to have such a space in our city where we can see the work of important jewelers from around the world. I enjoyed looking at and touching some of the jewels including brooches by Gemma Draper and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, pendants [...]


By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Auba Pont  Helena Lehtinen  Emanuela Duca Silvia Walz Julie Blyfield Sebastian Buescher Mari Ishikawa Considering that artists are inspired by things around them, it is not surprising that nature is a recurrent and much loved theme. Mari Ishikawa, Emanuela Duca, Silvia Walz, Julie Blyfield, Auba Pont, Helena Lehtinen and Sebastian Buescher [...]

Mari Ishikawa

Paper japonès, laca japonesa, plata són materials que utilitza aquesta joiera en els seus fantàstics treballs i bàsicament la natura la seva font d’inspiració.