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Margarita Alonso and her MA atelier

A few days ago I visited Margarita Alonso‘s shop/workshop named MA Atelier in Barcelona. Fa uns dies vaig visitar la botiga taller MA Atelier de la Margarita Alonsoa Barcelona. Margarita is a Colombian girl who worked in fashion. After two years in London, she settled in Barcelona in 2002 where she studied jewelry at Escola [...]

Margarita Alonso, the opening of MA Atelier

Margarita Alonso invites us all to the opening of her shop/workshop MA Atelier in Barcelona next Friday May 14th, the realization of a dream made real after hard efforts.  I wish her all the luck in the world for this brave initiative.  Courage Margarita!  From this modest corner I send you all my support and hope to visit [...]

Factotum at Dterra

Margarita Alonso Josep Raventós Ana García Moya Selma Leal Beatriz Cobos With the exhibition “The Treasures of Childhood,” the Factotum Group invites us to recall the years we have all lived — of innocent games and fairy tales. These jewels transport us to our past and any detail could be the cause to awaken thoughts [...]