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Karin Johansson with Three of Her Students at Massana School

Karin Johansson with Three of Her Students at Massana School

Karin Johansson and Ramon Puig Cuyàs   Last April 18th Karin Johansson, jeweler and teather at  HDK School of Design and Crafts of the University of Gothenburg, presented her department program at the Massana School showing examples of her personal work. Joining her were students Anna-Karin Haag, Charlotte Maslov and Elin Flognman who presented their jewelry as well.   [...]

Marc Monzó at His Workshop in Barcelona

Marc Monzó at His Workshop in Barcelona

    Marc Monzó shares a space with two designers in an ancient factory in downtown Barcelona where one can find the studios and workshops of different artisans, designers and artists, as well as an art gallery.   En Marc Monzó comparteix espai amb dos dissenyadors en una antiga fàbrica, al centre de Barcelona, on [...]

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

  A few days ago I visited Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona.  How lucky it is to have such a space in our city where we can see the work of important jewelers from around the world. I enjoyed looking at and touching some of the jewels including brooches by Gemma Draper and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, pendants [...]

“Barcelona, Barcelona” Exhibition at Villa Bengel

"Barcelona, Barcelona" Exhibition at Villa Bengel

  From  today January 18th until March 13th you can visit the exhibition “Barcelona, Barcelona” at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein. The exhibition is organized by the Fachhochschule Trier and the Massana School and presents a representative selection of work by teachers and ex pupils of the Massana School specializing in jewelry and curated by Theo [...]

"Barcelona: Found in Translation" Exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery

"Barcelona: Found in Translation" Exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery

The collection takes Barcelona as a topic, not as a geographic location, but as a reference, as an opportunity to express the dichotomy between local and global, traditional and contemporary, individual and collective…  Ramon Puig Cuyàs Gemma Draper Marc Monzó Marta Boan Emiliana Design Studio Marie Pendariès + Kepa Karmona Estela Saez If you are [...]

"Collect Rocks, Plant Flag" Exhibition at S O Gallery

Alexander Blank, Smiley, 2007 David Bielander, Wiener & Weisswurst, (wood from original Thonet chair nr.14), 2009 Benjamin Lignel, Supplement (gonades nr.5), 2011 Gemma Draper, apertura 17, 2009 Marc Monzó, Fire, gold, 2009 Manon van Kouswijk, Pearl Grey, 2009 Sari Liimatta, Morbid, 2008 Last chance to visit ”Collect Rocks, Plant Flag” at Gallery S O in London, an exhibition curated by [...]

25 Year Anniversary of Galerie Louise Smit

This summer Galerie Louise Smit will be celebrating 25 years of it’s official opening since 1986. The offiicial festive opening of the exhibition will take place on Sunday 4th of September 2011 between 14.00 – 16.00. For this occasion we have organised a group exhibiton with the concent one curator/one nominee. We have invited 17 [...]

Marc Monzó at Oona Gallery

Today is the opening of the exhibition by Marc Monzó at Oona Gallery. Older posts from this artist. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició d’en Marc Monzó a la galeria Oona. Posts anteriors d’aquest artista.

"18kt Drawings" Exhibition by Marc Monzó at Deux Poissons

This Friday June 3rd is the opening of the exhibition 18kt Drawings by Marc Monzó at Gallery Deux Poissons. The exhibition runs until June 19th. – June 4th lecture at Gallery Deux Poissons. – June 7th lecture at Hiko Mizuno College. Older posts from this jeweler. El proper divendres 3 de juny és la inauguració [...]

Lecture with Marc Monzó in Taller Perill

Text: Rosa Nogués Freixas Photographs: Fatima Tocornal   Last Wednesday, the Taller Perill had the pleasure of joining Marc Monzó’s lecture which gave us a wide and chronological explanation of his work as a jeweler since his beginnings at the Massana School up to the present. Dimecres passat el Taller Perill va tenir el plaer [...]

"Heimat" Exhibition at Oona Gallery

From today until August 21st you can visit the exhibition “Heimat” at Oona Gallery. Participating artists: Volker Atrops, Alexandra Bart, Bless, Marta Boan, Saskia Díez, Christian Hoedl, Svenja John, Jiro Kamata, Susana Kuschek, Felix Lindner, Maiami, Mikiko Minewaki, Marc Monzó, Peah, Amelie Riech, Karin Seufert, Bernhard Simon, Mirei Takeuchi, Lisa Walker. Des d’avui i fins el [...]

Marc Monzó at Galerie Louise Smit

From today until May 27th you can visit the exhibition “Fire” by Marc Monzó at Galerie Louise Smit. Older post from this jeweler. A partir d’avui i fins el 27 de Maig es pot visitar l’exposició “Fire” d’en Marc Monzó a la Galerie Louise Smit. Post anterior d’aquest joier.

Marc Monzó

Cercant l’anticonvencionalitat les peces d’aquest joier aporten un nou sentit a la joieria. Klimt02, Oona Galerie i Orotec. Searching for unconventionality, this jeweler‘s pieces bring a new sense to jewelry. Klimt02, Oona Galerie and Orotec.