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Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

  A few days ago I visited Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona.  How lucky it is to have such a space in our city where we can see the work of important jewelers from around the world. I enjoyed looking at and touching some of the jewels including brooches by Gemma Draper and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, pendants [...]

"Collect Rocks, Plant Flag" Exhibition at S O Gallery

Alexander Blank, Smiley, 2007 David Bielander, Wiener & Weisswurst, (wood from original Thonet chair nr.14), 2009 Benjamin Lignel, Supplement (gonades nr.5), 2011 Gemma Draper, apertura 17, 2009 Marc Monzó, Fire, gold, 2009 Manon van Kouswijk, Pearl Grey, 2009 Sari Liimatta, Morbid, 2008 Last chance to visit ”Collect Rocks, Plant Flag” at Gallery S O in London, an exhibition curated by [...]

"Artefacts of life" Exhibition by Manon van Kouswijk at Platina

(…) The adornment of the human body is a primal urge that has created a flow of jewellery with endless symbolism. Jewellery is beautiful, it provides protection; it is economic security; shows status; carries memories and more. Jewellery refers to human and spiritual issues. The objects are often small in size but take the greater place [...]

"Bead the System – A Series of Circular Arrengements" Exhibition by Manon van Kouswijk at Funaki

In her latest work, Dutch artist Manon van Kouswijk explores the idea of a strand of beads as a cycle without a clear beginning or end. Her recent book, Hanging Around / the pearlchain principleshows that the basic principle of the beaded necklace can be found in sources from peas in a pod and mathematics [...]

Op Voorraad

La Ineke Heerkens, la Jantje Fleischhut i la Jeannette Jansen són les responsables de “Op Voorraad” una botiga de joies a Amsterdam que, molt allunyada del concepte de galeria, ofereix la possibilitat, fins el 19 de desembre, de poder comprar peces de reconeguts joiers actuals. Em sembla una idea magnífica. Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and [...]