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"Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya" Exhibition

Continuando su itinerancia, la muestra Cruzando Fronteras: del textil a la joya se presentará esta vez en Mar del Plata, en Villa Victoria Ocampo, Matheu 1851, entre el 9 y 26 de setiembre. Esta exhibición, que fue presentada en el Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández en noviembre 2010  Museo Nacional de Artes Populares de [...]

Luis Acosta

His Statement / Les seves paraules: As a designer he is particulary interested in forms. Once a form is found, he enlarges or repeats it. Then he concentrates on using the possibilities of that form as a basis to develop a design. It’s important to work with both shapes and colour. The first gives dimension [...]

Poems of Paper

By Rosa Nogués Freixas Alexandra Deutsch Janna Syvänoja Flora Vagi Katharina Dettar  Walter Chen Luis Acosta This post is about artists who are faithful to nostalgia, cravings and desires by using accumulation, volume and depth; artists who take advantage of the game that this smooth, light and delicate material offers. Jewelry that, despite being composed [...]