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Joya 2012, My Visit (Part One)

Joya 2012, My Visit (Part One)

  This past weekend I traveled to Barcelona to visit two jewelry fairs: “Joya” and “Espaijoia.”  Today I will talk about “Joya” and I will soon dedicate another post to “Espaijoia.” The fourth edition of the contemporary jewelry fair “Joya” in Barcelona surprised us with more artists and also more attendees. This year the fair was [...]

“Unforgettable”, Exhibition by Lucia Massei at Antonella Villanova

"Unforgettable", Exhibition by Lucia Massei at Antonella Villanova

  “La très chère était nue, et, connaissant mon coeur,  Elle n’avait gardé que ses bijoux sonores,  Dont le riche attirail lui donnait l’air vainqueur  Qu’ont dans leurs jours heureux les esclaves des Mores. Quand il jette en dansant son bruit vif et moqueur,  Ce monde rayonnant de métal et de pierre  Me ravit en [...]

Made of Stone

By Rosa Nogués Freixas Catalina Brenes Lucia Massei Michael Becker Lucia Massei Tanel Veenre Tarja Tuupanen Deborah Rudolph Stones are considered inanimate “bodies” for not having their own life, but even so, they are a kind of matter that is modulated and transformed over the time. In fact, with or without life, this solid, rigid [...]

Lucia Massei

M’ha seduït la dolçor que desprenen aquestes peces i al web de la joiera he descobert la riquesa del seu treball. Klimt02. I was captivated by the sweetness of these pieces. I discovered the richness of this jeweler‘s work on her website. Klimt02.