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“Wood” Exhibition at Velvet da Vinci

"Wood" Exhibition at Velvet da Vinci

  WOOD seeks to explore the exciting new jewelry using wood as the primary material. Ideas of sustainability, preciousness and the sensuality of this humble material are the focus of this new exhibition.     Auba Pont. Pendant IV, 2012. Wood, paint, silver and silk thread.   Catherine Truman. White Bag Brooch, 2012. English lime wood, paint.   Edgar [...]

Electrum and CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts), London

Electrum and CAA (Contemporary Applied Arts), London

The first time I visited Electrum Gallery was seven years ago when I was fascinated with the quantity and variety of jewelers who showed their pieces there. At this visit I saw that they had made renovations – the lower floor is no longer open to the public and the number of exhibitors is reduced. Electrum, [...]

Lina Peterson

Una part del treball d’aquesta artista està lligat al tema del punt. Or i plata que adopten forma de malles i combinacions de punt i metall.