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Jordi Aparicio. Exhibition at Tasmania in Granollers (Barcelona)

Jordi Aparicio. Exhibition at Tasmania in Granollers (Barcelona)

      I grew up surrounded by watches at my father’s watchmaking studio. After my watchmaker studies in Barcelona and in Switzerland, I decided to open my horizons and study jewelry at the Escola d’Art del Treball in Barcelona. There I began to discover a way of seeing jewelry very different from that which [...]

Enjoia’t 2012 Awards

Enjoia't 2012 Awards

by Begoña Prats     On Thursday October 11th, the 19th edition of the Enjoia’t Awards was held in Barcelona. This event promotes and rewards originality, technique and creativity in the field of jewelry and serves as a platform for young designers and for the recognition of professionals. El passat Dijous 11 d’octubre es van celebrar [...]

"La insígnia del mestre artesà 2010" Exhibition at Alea

1 – “Energia” by Jordi Aparicio Manchado. 2 – “Les mans de l’artesà” by Margarita Brustenga Sunyer.  Alea Gallery Photographs by Jordi Aparicio Until October 11th you can visit the traveling exhibition of the contest “Insígnies de Mestres Artesans 2010” at Alea Gallery. First prize: “Energia” by Jordi Aparicio. Second prize: “Les mans de l’artesà” [...]