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Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 3

Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 3

  I spent last Saturday the 15th at the Internationale Handwerksmesse where the Handwerk & Design Fair was celebrated. Sofia Björkman, jeweler and owner of Platina Gallery, told me about her recent work shown at her gallery’s stand where we could see the exhibition “Contemporary Swedish Art Jewelry.” It was a long day at the [...]

Between Science and Art

By Rosa Nogués Freixas Arthur Hash Hilary Pfeifer Jillian Moore   Annamaria Zanella Douglas J. Bucci There is an interesting connection between art and science.  Perhaps it is the desire to discover what lies beyond the human eye, a desire to know this “microworld” that surrounds us, so close but yet so far away. One [...]

Jillian Moore

La darrera obra d’aquesta artista “Creatura, A Thing Created” s’exposarà durant agost i setembre a Object Fetish Gallery. Del seu interès per la biologia neixen unes peces d’extranyes formes i colors vibrants, fruit d’una natura imaginada, les quals ella anomena amb noms grecs com si fossin espècies acabades de descobrir. Klimt02 i HCJ. This artist‘s [...]