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“Sense – Mapping” Exhibition by Iris Eichenberg at Platina

"Sense - Mapping" Exhibition by Iris Eichenberg at Platina

  How is it that a color is able to evoke the sensations of has? And how does weight, not touched, not carried, trigger a strengthening of our muscles? And why would a visible, endless repetition of handling stretch the notion of time, and have a sound to it, and a rhythm still active after [...]

25 Year Anniversary of Galerie Louise Smit

This summer Galerie Louise Smit will be celebrating 25 years of it’s official opening since 1986. The offiicial festive opening of the exhibition will take place on Sunday 4th of September 2011 between 14.00 – 16.00. For this occasion we have organised a group exhibiton with the concent one curator/one nominee. We have invited 17 [...]

Iris Eichenberg

  One of this week’s featured artists on Crafthaus is Iris Eichenberg who last month taught a workshop at the Alchimia School. I admire her work and suggest a visit to her website. Older post from this artist. Una de les artistes destacades aquesta setmana a Crafthaus és Iris Eichenberg qui el mes passat va [...]

"Our House" Exhibition at Galerie Louise Smit

Edgar Mosa Katie MacDonald Jason Burton  Julia Heineccius Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Our House” by metalsmithing students, alumni and Head of Department Iris Eichenberg from Cranbrook Academy of Art at Galerie Louise Smit. Demà s’inaugura l’exposició “Our House” amb peces d’estudiants, alumnes i la Cap de Departament Iris Eichenberg de la Cranbrook [...]

Op Voorraad

La Ineke Heerkens, la Jantje Fleischhut i la Jeannette Jansen són les responsables de “Op Voorraad” una botiga de joies a Amsterdam que, molt allunyada del concepte de galeria, ofereix la possibilitat, fins el 19 de desembre, de poder comprar peces de reconeguts joiers actuals. Em sembla una idea magnífica. Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and [...]

Iris Eichenberg

Aquesta artista crea formes orgàniques a partir de materials com llana i cera en contrast amb plata, goma, elements naturals. Al anar descobrint el seu treball m’ha fet pensar amb Beuys, potser m’equivoco però crec que el té de referent.