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Munich. Visiting Schmuck 2014. Day 2

  My second day in Munich was very exiting. From 10:00 until 21:00 I visited different exhibitions. At the exhibition of Mineral Art 2014: “between layers – worlds within agate” I met Helena Lehtinen, one of the winners of the Herbert Hofmann-Award 2013 and juror of the Mineral Art Award 2014. She told me about the next Koru5 that will be [...]

“Ashes and Diamonds” Exhibition at Platina

"Ashes and Diamonds" Exhibition at Platina

        A juried contemporary jewellery exhibition created as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 program, curated by Päivi Ruutiainen in cooperation with HUMAK and The Jewellery Art Association in Finland.       Ulla Ahola   Clarice Finell   Helena Lehtinen   Elli Hukka   Eero Lintusaari   Veera Metso [...]


By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Auba Pont  Helena Lehtinen  Emanuela Duca Silvia Walz Julie Blyfield Sebastian Buescher Mari Ishikawa Considering that artists are inspired by things around them, it is not surprising that nature is a recurrent and much loved theme. Mari Ishikawa, Emanuela Duca, Silvia Walz, Julie Blyfield, Auba Pont, Helena Lehtinen and Sebastian Buescher [...]

Coffe-talk with Helena Lehtinen and Tarja Tuupanen in Barcelona

Last Friday I attended the coffe-talk with Helena Lehtinen and Tarja Tuupanen at La Germinal in Barcelona. Along with Eija Mustonen form the Hibernate group, they are also members of Korutaideyhdistys, an association that aims to promote and improve the recognition of contemporary jewelry as an artistic form. Tarja informed us about the association’s activities and [...]

Helena Lehtinen

Aquesta joiera forma part del grup Hibernate junt amb Eija Mustonen i Tarja Tuupanen. Ella defineix el seu treball entre el minimalisme i el kitsch, als quals alhora odia i estima. Al web del grup es pot veure àmpliament l’obra de totes tres autores. Korutaideyhdistys, Charon Kransen Arts i Galleria Norsu.