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Gemma Draper, Transforming Matter

Gemma Draper, Transforming Matter

      Gemma Draper moved a few months ago to a new studio, still in Barcelona. From the Raval district she moved to the Eixample, where she continues with her project, La Germinal, teaching courses and organizing conferences and other activities related to creativity. Outside it’s raining. Seated facing one each other, I enjoy [...]

Karin Johansson with Three of Her Students at Massana School

Karin Johansson with Three of Her Students at Massana School

Karin Johansson and Ramon Puig Cuyàs   Last April 18th Karin Johansson, jeweler and teather at  HDK School of Design and Crafts of the University of Gothenburg, presented her department program at the Massana School showing examples of her personal work. Joining her were students Anna-Karin Haag, Charlotte Maslov and Elin Flognman who presented their jewelry as well.   [...]

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

  A few days ago I visited Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona.  How lucky it is to have such a space in our city where we can see the work of important jewelers from around the world. I enjoyed looking at and touching some of the jewels including brooches by Gemma Draper and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, pendants [...]

“Barcelona, Barcelona” Exhibition at Villa Bengel

"Barcelona, Barcelona" Exhibition at Villa Bengel

  From  today January 18th until March 13th you can visit the exhibition “Barcelona, Barcelona” at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein. The exhibition is organized by the Fachhochschule Trier and the Massana School and presents a representative selection of work by teachers and ex pupils of the Massana School specializing in jewelry and curated by Theo [...]

"Barcelona: Found in Translation" Exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery

"Barcelona: Found in Translation" Exhibition at Klimt02 Gallery

The collection takes Barcelona as a topic, not as a geographic location, but as a reference, as an opportunity to express the dichotomy between local and global, traditional and contemporary, individual and collective…  Ramon Puig Cuyàs Gemma Draper Marc Monzó Marta Boan Emiliana Design Studio Marie Pendariès + Kepa Karmona Estela Saez If you are [...]

"Collect Rocks, Plant Flag" Exhibition at S O Gallery

Alexander Blank, Smiley, 2007 David Bielander, Wiener & Weisswurst, (wood from original Thonet chair nr.14), 2009 Benjamin Lignel, Supplement (gonades nr.5), 2011 Gemma Draper, apertura 17, 2009 Marc Monzó, Fire, gold, 2009 Manon van Kouswijk, Pearl Grey, 2009 Sari Liimatta, Morbid, 2008 Last chance to visit ”Collect Rocks, Plant Flag” at Gallery S O in London, an exhibition curated by [...]

Enamel, the Paint of Fire

By Rosa Nogués Freixas  Julia Turner  Isabell Schaupp  Bettina Speckner Helen Carnac  Gemma Draper  Susanne Forsström  Mirjam Hiller In contemporary art, the research and development of new methods of work are ingredients that encourage creativity.  In this case, we see examples of different applications of enamel by free reinterpretation of this ancient craft. Despite its [...]

"Our House" Exhibition at Galerie Louise Smit

Edgar Mosa Katie MacDonald Jason Burton  Julia Heineccius Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Our House” by metalsmithing students, alumni and Head of Department Iris Eichenberg from Cranbrook Academy of Art at Galerie Louise Smit. Demà s’inaugura l’exposició “Our House” amb peces d’estudiants, alumnes i la Cap de Departament Iris Eichenberg de la Cranbrook [...]

Three Exhibitions

I am participating in “Borrón y cuenta nueva,” an exhibition organized by Isabel Herrera at her studio in Barcelona joining works of eighty-five artists. Isabel Herrera is a member of the Joyas Sensacionales group. Participo a l’exposició “Borrón y cuenta nueva“, una exposició organitzada per Isabel Herrera al seu taller a Barcelona on ha reunit [...]

Gemma Draper at Hnoss Gallery

From September 4th to 26th Gemma Draper will show pieces from her latest projects “The Floating Knot” and “The Nuptial Suite” at Hnoss Gallery. Tomorrow she will conduct a lecture about her work. These are her words: The Floating Knot and the Nuptial Suite, or about the source of the new How intrusively meaningful can [...]

Walking the Gray Area: the exhibition

Today is the opening exhibition “Walking the Gray Area“  at Emilia Cohen gallery with the work of artists who, since last September, have been engaged in dialogue about mobility, identities and contemporary jewelry. We have been following them on the Walking the Gray Area blog. Also more information on Klimt02. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició “Walking [...]

Pensieri Preziosi 5

Manuel Capdevila Ramon Puig Cuyàs Gemma Draper Grego García Tebar Xavier Ines Monclús  Javier Moreno Frías Silvia Walz Dins el marc de la cinquena edició de “Pensieri Preziosi” es pot veure a Pàdua l’exposició “La llibertat de la joia” on set artistes lligats a l’Escola Massana de Barcelona mostren el seu innovador treball. Manuel Capdevila [...]

Gemma Draper

Aprofundir, cercar l’essència del material per conèixe’l àmpliament descobrint els seus secrets i, després, transformar-lo és una feina minuciosa que es posa de manifest en l’obra d’aquesta joiera. En les seves peces combina banya, fusta, os i pedres entre d’altres elements per crear càlides composicions que atrapen l’espectador. Klimt02, Galerie Rob Koudijs, Ornamentum Gallery i [...]