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“Ornament” Exhibition by Evert Nijland at Galerie Rob Koudijs

"Ornament" Exhibition by Evert Nijland at Galerie Rob Koudijs

  At the end of the fifteenth century the Domus Aurea – Golden House – was excavated in Rome. Once it had been the huge palace of emperor Nero. It turned out that its walls were fully decorated with painted ornaments. Their playfulness was a revelation to the artists of the budding Renaissance: they had [...]

“Naturel / Artificiel” Exhibition at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h

"Naturel / Artificiel" Exhibition at Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h

    Introducing established and emerging artists from the U.S., The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Japan and Israel, this exhibition, curated by Luzia Vogt, proposes these artists’ visions of the environment today, questioning the place of Nature, immaculate and pure, in our controlled, contemporary industrial world. Fashioned with natural and synthetic as [...]

Evert Nijland

Aquest artista s’inspira en l’estètica del Barroc i el Renaixement per crear les seves obres. El vidre amb formes, acabats i colors ben diversos té un gran protagonisme en els treballs dels darrers anys. La fragilitat i les seves especials característiques contrasten amb els teixits, metalls preciosos o d’altres materials i es serveix d’aquestes combinacions [...]