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Jessica Turrell. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

Jessica Turrell. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

    Much of my work is concerned with repetition, the delicate surfaces created by the application of many hundred of hand drawn resist marks prior to etching. I am interested in how, subconsciously, I am compelled to subvert the tyranny of this repetition, introducing subtle variations as I draw. Once the etched surface is [...]

Steffi Götze

Steffi Götze

  My work is an experimental and personal dialogue with poetry, intuition, the conscious and the unconscious, culture, experiences, emotions… I communicate the basic human emotions and memories through color, textures and narrative objects. My work is like a souvenir one takes home from a trip abroad, allowing oneself to return to the moment of [...]

My Dear Giuliettas

My Dear Giuliettas

Jessica Turrell

Jessica Turrell

Field series group 13 brooches. Vitreous enamel on etched copper, oxidized silver. 2013. Photograph by Mark Ashbee.   The miniaturized format of the jewellery form allows me to explore my ideas on an intimate scale. I seek to create evocative objects that might stir an emotional connection and thus give pleasure; not the obvious pleasures associated with the [...]

Fionna Hesketh

Fionna Hesketh

            Brooches by Fionna Hesketh made with enamels. For more information please visit her website.   Fermalls de la Fionna Hesketh fets amb esmalts. Trobareu més informació al seu web.

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce

These jewels are made with recycled steel cans, silver, enamel and  paint by Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, one of this week’s featured artists on Crafthaus. Aquestes joies són fetes amb llaunes reciclades, plata, esmalt i pintura per la Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, una dels artistes destacats aquesta setmana a Crafthaus.

"Fused" Exhibition at Flow

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition Fused at Flow Gallery. The exhibition is curated by Melissa Rigby and shows enameled pieces. Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició Fused a la galeria Flow. L’exposició està organitzada per Melissa Rigby i s’hi mostren treballs fets amb esmalts. Artists / Artistes: Carola Bauer, Stacey Bentley, Kirsty Brown, [...]

"Αλυσοδεμένο-Chained" Exhibition by Liana Pattihis in London

Tomorrow is the opening of the solo exhibition “Αλυσοδεμένο-Chained” by Liana Pattihis at The Hellenic Centre in London. Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició individual “Αλυσοδεμένο-Chained” de la Liana Pattihis al The Hellenic Centre de Londres. Her statement: Αλυσοδεμένο – Alysodeméno meaning ‘Chained’, represents a body of work, a journey in time which links pieces created [...]

Edda Vardimon Gudnason

Compositions of organic forms made with silver and enamel. Gallery Loupe and Aida. Composicions de formes orgàniques fetes amb plata i esmalt. Gallery Loupe and Aida.

Emily Gill

La majoria de les joies d’aquesta artista fan referència a plantes i flors. M’agraden molt les peces d’esmalts. Metal Arts Guild of Canada. Many of this artist‘s jewels refer to plants and flowers. I love her enameled pieces. Metal Arts Guild of Canada.

Stacey Bentley

Aquesta joiera crea unes estructures de fràgil aparença combinant l’esmalt amb diferents metalls. Dazzle i Klimt02. This jeweler creates seemingly fragile structures, combining enamel with different metals. Dazzle and Klimt02.

Lydia Feast

Aquesta joiera experimenta contrastant elements per il.lustrar l’harmonia entre el caos i la calma, allò nou i allò vell i el silenci i el soroll. Fins el 31 de gener les seves peces es poden veure a l’exposició colectiva “Bright/Light” a la galeria Kath Libbert. This jeweler explores contrasting elements to illustrate harmony between chaos [...]

Imaginary worlds

Plata i esmalt.(Gràcies Robert) Silver and enamel.(Thank you Robert)

Liana Pattihis

Amb el seu propi mètode per fer esmalts aquesta artista crea unes joies que són explosions de color que semblen prendre forma per elles mateixes. Klimt02 i Apparat. Using her own method of making enamel, this artist creates jewels that explode with color and seem to take shape all by themselves. Klimt02 and Apparat.

Núria Casanova

Dissenys de Núria Casanova per Joid’art.