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Studio R2, from the Idea to the Product

Studio R2, from the Idea to the Product

  By Josep-Tomas San Agustin   Roberto Carrascosa and José Luis Fettolini, during their conference in the Escola d’Art del Treball, in Barcelona)   Ten years ago, when Roberto Carrascosa and Jose Luis Fettolini began their activity as jewelry designers, they couldn’t imagine their company’s path would change so much. Their formation and previous careers [...]

Chiara Scarpitti

Chiara Scarpitti

    The assumption is that the fascinating and mysterious world of natural geometric forms, dominated by images, lines, dots, numbers and enigmatic formulas, is particularly suitable for the design of a contemporary jewelry. This stimulating survey of the forms in the universe often leads us in front of ancient myths, who magical powers attract [...]

Two Fairs: Object Rotterdam and Inhorgenta Munich

Two Fairs: Object Rotterdam and Inhorgenta Munich

            Two important fairs will be held during this week in Europe: “Object Rotterdam” runs from February 9th to 12th and “Inhorgenta Munich” runs from February 10th to 13th. For all the information, please check their websites.   If you are planning to attend, you are fortunate because you will [...]

“Un joiós diàleg" — a Talk Featured in Barcelona

“Un joiós diàleg" -- a Talk Featured in Barcelona

Tomorrow, October 18th, will be a celebration at the Auditori Roca Barcelona Gallery where you can attend a talk featuring “Un joiós diàleg.”  Jeweler Enric Majoral and designer Martín Azúa will discuss their colaborative experience creating the Majoral jewelry brand. This event is part of the Barcelona Design Festival. More information on their Facebook page. [...]

Adi Zaffran

Designer Adi Zaffran created these rings with spent bullets. El dissenyador Adi Zaffran ha creat aquests anells amb bales usades.

Julia Patterson

This artist creates her pieces through geometric forms and pattern design.  She is a member of the Dialogue Collective Group. Aquesta artista crea les seves pieces a partir de formes geométriques i dibuixos de xarxes modulars. Forma part del grup Dialogue Collective.

Itay Ohaly

Layers of paint from an old table are used by this designer to create this ring series. Dezzen. Capes de pintura sobre una vella taula serveixen a aquest dissenyador per crear  aquesta col·lecció d’anells. Dezzen.

Parallelism #1

Dues obres paral·leles de diferent escala i funció. La primera és de tres dimensions i la segona parteix d’una imatge. Two parallels work with different scales and functions. The first one is three-dimensional and the second comes from an image. Lachaert & d’Hanis presented at LOVE DESIGN the exhibition their ‘duobergère’: two armchairs grown together, [...]

Ginta Siceva

Aquest collaret i aquesta sabata tan especial els he trobat al web de la dissenyadora Ginta Siceva, val la pena fer-hi un volt.

Lily Yung

Cal recórrer el web d’aquesta artista per veure com a partir d’una idea aquesta es pot anar estirant i concretant en moltes direccions.

Myriam Bottazzi

Unes creacions espectaculars, abarrocades i d’una estètica molt italiana. Botiga a Roma.

Tree Dimensional Shelf

Prestatgeria dissenyada per Miguel Duarte al 2006 per a Zaum, les mides varien segons la mida de l’arbre.