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Damià Mulet

Damià Mulet

    “I damunt aquesta pedra…” is Damià Mulet’s current project; a collection of jewels with the typical sandstone from Santanyí as basic material and elements from the Majorcan architecture as source of inspiration. From this mixture of materials and elements, handled by the delicate work of the goldsmith, emerge jewels which distill the true [...]

“Homenatge a Tomàs Palos” Exhibition in Tarragona

"Homenatge a Tomàs Palos" Exhibition in Tarragona

      This is an exhibition in homage to jeweler Tomàs Palos who has been working for 35 years as a jewelry teacher at the Escola D’art i Disseny de la Diputació in Tarragona (Spain).  The exhibition runs until March 25th at Palau de la Diputació in Tarragona.   Aquesta és una exposició en [...]