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Interview on AJF Blog

Interview on AJF Blog

  Yesterday the AJF Blog published an interview on the ocassion of the jewelry exhibition “Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona“ I curated on Crafthaus. The Art Jewelry Forum is currently featuring this exhibition on their front page for the month of April. Many thanks to Susan Cummins from AJF and to Brigitte Martin, Editor [...]

“Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona”, online exhibition on Crafthaus

"Spain's Jewelry Hotspot -- The Massana School in Barcelona", online exhibition on Crafthaus

  I’m really excited to invite you to explore “Spain’s Jewelry Hotspot — The Massana School in Barcelona,” an on-line exhibition that you can visit until March 23th on Crafthaus. Many thanks to Brigitte Martin, Editor of Crafthaus, who engouraged me to organize the exhibit, many thanks to jewelers and teachers Ramon Puig Cuyàs and [...]

Lorena Angulo

Lorena Angulo

              Since I can remember, art has been a strong influence in my life. I come from Mexico, a country that is so rich in traditions, culture and art. Everything that surrounded me when I was a child living in Southern Mexico (Chiapas) was very important in my formation. [...]

R. Weis — Featured with New CD

My friend Marta Orts, music teacher and Director of the music magazine Prodiemus, has written a long article about writer and sound artist  R. Weis, who recently has published his latest CD titled “Excitable Audible.”  I’m really glad to share this information with you and hope that if you don’t know about him you will [...]

Dr Grace

These pieces aim to make you laugh, to make you look, but also, most importantly, to make you think. This is one of this week’s featured artists on Crafthaus. More information at her blog and website. Aquesta és una de les artistes destacades a questa setmana a Crafthaus. Més informació al seu blog i al [...]

Plastic + Metal Online Exhibition on Crafthaus

  Thea Clark Harriete Estel Berman Jeweler Brice Garrett is the curator of Plastic + Metal, the online exhibition on Crafthaus that shows different ways these materials can be used for jewelry and objects. You can visit it until April 13rd. El joier Brice Garrett  és l’organitzador de Plastic + Metal, l’exposició online a Crafthaus [...]

Tom McDowell

Tom McDowell believes that the adult world is a far too sombre and sensible place. Tom McDowell is one of this week’s featured artists on Crafthaus. Tom McDowell és un dels artistes destacats aquesta setmana a Crafthaus.

Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin

Yesterday I received this e-mail from Brigitte Martin regarding the project she’s been working on for some months now. You still have time to participate in this initiative that will assemble in book form images of humorous art and craft from around the world. You can find all the information at the Crafthaus website. Ahir vaig [...]

Members of Crafthaus have been selected for Talente 2011

 Farrah Al-Dujaili Timothy McMahon Members of Crafthaus Farrah Al-Dujaili based in Birmingham and Timothy McMahon from New York have been selected for Talente 2011. Crafthaus is a great on-line community edited by Brigitte Martin where professional craft artists display their work and connect with each other. Older post from Timothy McMahon. El membres de Crafthaus [...]

"Studio Sanctuaries" On-line Exhibition on Crafthaus

I invite you to visit the on-line exhibition “Studio Sanctuaries – Part 1“, created by Pat Morrow on the Crafthaus website. This exhibition will run until December 9th. Us convido a visitar l’xposició on-line “Studio Sanctuaries – Part 1“, creada per Pat Morrow al web Crafthaus. aquesta exposició es podrà veure fins el 9 de [...]

"Shout! Polymer Exhibition" on Crafthaus

 Ronna Sarvas Weltman  Pam Sanders  Rachel Carren Claire Maunsell Ronna Sarvas Weltman is curator of the online exhibition “Shout! Polymer Exhibition” on Crafthaus where you can see interesting works made with polymer clay. Older post about Ronna Sarvas Weltman. A Crafthaus la Ronna Sarvas Weltman ha organitzat l’exposició online “Shout! Polymer Exhibition” que reuneix interessants treballs [...]

Featured on Crafthaus

I’m really glad to communicate that I’m one of this week’s featured artists on Crafthaus.  Thank you Brigitte! Em fa molta il.lusió comunicar-vos que durant aquesta setmana sóc una de les artistes destacades a Crafthaus. Moltes gràcies Brigitte!