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“Naturel / Artificiel” Exhibition at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h

"Naturel / Artificiel" Exhibition at Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h

    Introducing established and emerging artists from the U.S., The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Japan and Israel, this exhibition, curated by Luzia Vogt, proposes these artists’ visions of the environment today, questioning the place of Nature, immaculate and pure, in our controlled, contemporary industrial world. Fashioned with natural and synthetic as [...]

“Fraction” Exhibition by Claude Schmitz at Reverso

"Fraction" Exhibition by Claude Schmitz at Reverso

        You are still in time to visit the exhibition “Fraction” by Claude Schmitz at Reverso Gallery. The exhibition runs until May 25th.   Encara sou a temps de visitar l’exposició “Fraction” de Claude Schmitz a la galeria Reverso. L’exposició es podrà veure fins el 25 de maig.    

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

Klimt02 Gallery and Klimt02 Community

  A few days ago I visited Klimt02 Gallery in Barcelona.  How lucky it is to have such a space in our city where we can see the work of important jewelers from around the world. I enjoyed looking at and touching some of the jewels including brooches by Gemma Draper and Ramon Puig Cuyàs, pendants [...]

Claude Schmitz

En el raonament de la seva obra aquest joier fa aquesta afirmació: I do not intend to tell a whole story – I just provide the ingredients; the rest is a matter of interpretation. Deixa la porta oberta a la imaginació de l’espectador, el convida a interpretar. No ens podem deslligar de la influència dels [...]