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“Convergences & Divergences” Exhibition by Andrea Pineros and Claire Wolfstirn at Atelier Galerie Objet Rare

"Convergences & Divergences" Exhibition by Andrea Pineros and Claire Wolfstirn at Atelier Galerie Objet Rare

  The gallery “Objet Rare” in Paris  invites two designers of jewelry, with personal worlds which cross in the notions of fragility and lightness. Andrea Piñeros expresses  through her work on tight wire that defines the reading of a volume. Claire Wolfstirn starts from the full to create emptiness in removing material. These two designers, converted to jewelry, [...]

Andrea Piñeros

Jewels by Andrea Piñeros, member of Le Group Arcanes that premiered recently in Paris. Joies de l’Andrea Piñeros, membre de Le Group Arcanes que han exposat recentment a Paris.

"Ricochet" Exhibition in Paris

Andrea Piñeros Eliane Michel Claire Wolfstirn Hyun Joung Lee Anne Milbeau Members of Groupe Arcanes, a French association for contemporary jewelry, show their recent work as well as a collaborative piece at Viaduc des Arts in Paris from February 2nd until the 6th. At the “Ricochet” exhibition you will also see some jewels from this [...]

Visiting "Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona"

Last Friday, after lunch with Silvia Walz, I visited “Joya“, the fair that each year allows us to widely enjoy contemporary jewelry.  It was a prime occasion for speaking with gallerists and artists like Roberta Ferreira and Laura Jener from Dterra, Piotr Rybaczek from La Basílica Gallery, Leo Caballero from Klimt02, and also with Liana Pattihis, [...]

Showroom Joya

Artists in the showroom at “Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona.” Michael Berger (Alemania, 1966) Florence Croisier (França, 1965) Marijke de Goey (Holanda, 1947) Cilmara de Oliveira (Brasil, 1955) Petr Dvorak (Àustria, 1954) Sara Engberg (Suècia, 1969) Maki Kawawa (Japó, 1986) Claudia Lassner (Alemania, 1982) Yannick Mur (França, 1963) Taisuke Nakada (Japó, 1983) [...]