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“Observation/Translation” Exhibition by Amy Tavern at Beyond Fashion

"Observation/Translation" Exhibition by Amy Tavern at Beyond Fashion

      Observation is the act or instance of noticing. As a resident in a new and foreign place, my power of observation has become important to me in unusual and often unexpected ways. It has also become heightened in a way that allows me to simply see more. Over the course of more [...]

"This is How I Remember It" Exhibition by Amy Tavern at Velvet da Vinci

The jewelry that has come in and out of my life over the years has had a profound effect on me, and ultimately, fueled my desire to be a jeweler. These special pieces changed my perspective on jewelry and form part of my history. In “Fabricated Memory: Jewelry Box, 1980,” I created new works based [...]

Amy Tavern

I visit Amy Tavern’s blog regularly. I like her work very much as well as the way she explains her working process. I especially recommend the 10 posts she has dedicated to the enamel course she took with Helen Carnac last month. Images from Klimt02 website. Older post from this artist. Regularment visito el blog de l’Amy Tavern, m’agrada molt [...]

Amy Tavern

La col.lecció de peces basades en la línia que he pogut veure d’aquesta joiera m’han impactat per la seva senzillesa i perque semblen el resultat d’un traç ràpid que a vegades es torça per abandonar el pla i s’escapa cap a la tercera dimensió. Klimt02.