The Summer Season

The Summer Season

    The summer season is about working every day an average of 12 hours without any holiday. Sawing, soldering, enameling, oxidizing, communicating, setting up and packing up at the market, selling my jewelry with a smile and kind words. Taking an occasional dip in the sea of thousands of shades of blue and observing [...]

My Table

My Table

Montserrat Lacomba. “Concerning the Landscape” Series

Montserrat Lacomba. "Concerning the Landscape" Series

   Purple River Memories. Brooch. 40 x 95 x 15 mm. Silver, nickel silver, engraved and enameled copper and purpurite. 2014. Photograph by JM. Oliveras.     “Concerning the Landscape” Series. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly closer to nature. Observation of the landscape has become a sort of daily ritual, during which I [...]

“Ludus Gemmarum” Exhibition by Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba in Barcelona

"Ludus Gemmarum" Exhibition by Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba in Barcelona

“Trapped Cloud” by Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba L. Brooch. Silver, copper, enamel, gold and lapis lazuli. 6,5 x 7,5 cm. 2014.         At the exhibition “Ludus Gemmarum” Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba, jewels from their work related to memory and landscape have been shown. The “game of jewels” giving title to the exhibition led [...]

My Dear Giuliettas

My Dear Giuliettas



Presentation of the “Impossible Landscapes” Series, My Recent Work

Presentation of the "Impossible Landscapes" Series, My Recent Work

  I’m glad to share this presentation about my recent work. Many thanks to my friend R. Weis, composer of  the manipulated sounds that accompany the images and editor of the English text. You can watch the video by clicking here. More information about this series by clicking here and here.   Estic contenta de compartir [...]

My Recent Work: “Impossible Landscapes” Series

My Recent Work: "Impossible Landscapes" Series

  “El paisatge és un terra en imatge, una cosa plana posada dreta, una mirada dempeus: allò que tenim als ulls, dret als ulls, de tot allò altre que tenim als peus.” Perejaume: El paisatge és rodó.   “Landscape with a Hole” Brooch. 6.5 x 9 x 1.5 cm. Enameled and oxidized copper and silver.   “Words [...]

My Jewelry and My Daily Work

My Jewelry and My Daily Work

  For more information about my daily work please visit my Facebook page Mar de Color Rosa / Montserrat Lacomba where you can find images of finished pieces as well photographs about works-in-progress in a mix of news and curiosities. Thank you for reading!   Si voleu veure més informació sobre el meu treball diari podeu visitar la [...]

My Recent Work: “The Forgotten Secret” from “Written Words” Series

My Recent Work: "The Forgotten Secret" from "Written Words" Series

    The Forgotten Secret. Brooch. Copper, silver and paint. 53 x 70 x 15 mm.   The Forgotten Secret Beth wrote me a secret note that I hid quickly between the sheets of a book. That folded paper was only discovered by Susan when, while turning a page from the book I lent, her hands [...]

My recent work: “Written Words” Series

My recent work: "Written Words" Series

  Pendeion’s Words Brooch. Copper, silver and paint. 50 x 75 x 8 mm. Makterara’s Words Brooch. Copper, silver and paint. 50 x 70 x 10 and 20 x 15 x 5 mm. Ilanai’s Words Brooch. Copper, silver and paint. 55 x 50 x 25 mm Today I present my recent work: “Written Words” Series. Sometimes written words are [...]

My Recent Work: "Invisible Sign"

My Recent Work: "Invisible Sign"

Invisible Sign Brooch Silver, copper and paint. 49 x 74 x 10 mm.   When we repeat the same graphic sign its meaning becomes diluted and the original becomes invisible. Quan es repeteix el mateix signe gràfic el seu sentit es va diluint i el primer es fa invisible. Invisible Sign #1 Earrings Silver. copper [...]

My Daily Work and #3

Every Wednesday and Sunday I mount a table with my pieces at the artisanal market of La Mola in Formentera.  Work in progress: making necklaces. Sharing information. I will be in Formentera until October, so please contact me if you come to the island.  I would be very pleased to meet you. Thanks for reading. [...]

My Daily Work #2

Printing my photographs. At the bench, making circles. Time flies when you are making the things you like. I feel fortunate.El temps vola quan fas les coses que t’agraden. Em sento afortunada.

My Daily Work #1

My studio. Work in progress: making earrings. Since May I have been working in Formentera making and selling my jewelry. During this month I would like to show you some images of my daily work. Des del mes de maig estic treballant a Formentera fent i venent les meves peces. Durant aquest mes m’agradaria mostrar-vos [...]

My recent work: "Elements of a Zen Garden"

 Elements of a Zen Garden Silver and copper Today I show you my recent work, the brooch titled Elements of a Zen Garden. My reference for creating this piece was the Zen garden. In those small places, natural elements become symbols which together have a soothing effect that invites us to meditate. So, I would like this [...]

News About Me and My Work

♥ My Facebook page where I publish news about my work and my online shop’montserratLacomba has more than 200 followers. Thank you! ♥ La meva pàgina del Facebook on vaig explicant coses de la meva feina i de les novetats relacionades amb la botiga on-line’montserratLacomba ja té més de 200 seguidors. Gràcies! ♥♥ [...]


My entire workshop is loaded in my car (tools, materials, …). This evening I will travel by boat from Barcelona to Ibiza and tomorrow via a second boat I will arrive in Formentera. For me it’s market time which runs until October. If you are planning to visit this gorgeous island you are on the [...]

News About Me and My Work

♥ Recently I opened a Facebook page where I publish news about my work and my online shop’montserratLacomba. I invite you to visit the page and to be a fan. ♥ Recentment he obert una pàgina al Facebook on hi publico les novetats de la meva feina i de la botiga online’montserratLacomba. Us [...]

News From My Online Shop…

My work was recently in seven Etsy treasuries: Spring In Orange And Green, night sky, deep and still, April nostalgia!!, OLLY-WOLLY POLLIWOGGY UMP-BUMP FIZZ no2!, Wonders of the forest, Balancing act, I am breathless!! Thank you! I invite you to visit my online shop where free shipping is extended until May 10th!  Les meves peces [...]

My Recent Work: "In Principio Erat Verbum…"

The Written Word Silver, copper, enamel and painting In principio erat Verbum et Verbum erat Deum Imaginay Books Silver, copper and painting. 4,5 x 7,5 x 1 cm Today I show you my recent work from a series titled “In Principio Erat Verbum…” Since the more ancient civilizations we communicated between us through graphic signs. [...]

News From My Online Shop…

This week on Etsy, the website where I have my online shop, was a dedicated feature on Europe with many European treasures.  I made two of them: London Passion and European Dreams. On the other hand, many of my pieces are included in these shows: CRAZY for EUROPE, Orange and green mix to celebrate 1st [...]

News From My Online Shop…

My brooch Mysteious Hole is in Green, a Treasury curated by Ligia Rocha My necklace Tangecies With the Small Red  is in European Wonderful, a Treasury curated by Lisa, ThatOldBlueHouse2 My work is in two Etsy treasuries this week: Green and European Wonderful. Thank you Ligia and Lisa. I invite you to visit my online [...]

At My Etsy Shop…

Special Opening OFFER: SHIPPING FREE, until April 10th!!! Oferta Especial d’Obertura: ENVIAMENT GRATUÏT, fins el 10 d’abril!!!