“Contemporary Savagery” The New Series by Jorge Manilla at Atelier Shari Pierce in Munich

"Contemporary Savagery" The New Series by Jorge Manilla at Atelier Shari Pierce in Munich

  Contemporary Savagery La violencia del latin Violentia For some people violence is living proof that man is a savage… for other people it is the road  to civility. Regardless of our understanding or appreciation of the subject, the only thing that we can be sure of is that violence is a part of our [...]

“Only Memories” Exhibition by Jorge Manilla at Platina

"Only Memories" Exhibition by Jorge Manilla at Platina

      “This is not just another story, this work tells the story of our lifes, a story of love and death, of feelings and tempations, Wild moments, intense moments, moments that make us feel that we are alive…”    J. Manilla       Platina welcomes Jorge Manilla from Mexico City to his [...]

Lorena Angulo

Lorena Angulo

              Since I can remember, art has been a strong influence in my life. I come from Mexico, a country that is so rich in traditions, culture and art. Everything that surrounded me when I was a child living in Southern Mexico (Chiapas) was very important in my formation. [...]

Carlos Cabral

Carlos Cabral

  Organic, natural, sometimes chaotic, is the source of our jewelry’s design. Simple elements, sometimes naïve. Of elegant cleanness, smooth lines and corporeal structures. Orgánico, natural, a veces caótico, es el principio del diseño de nuestra joyería. Elementos sencillos, a veces naive. De elegante limpieza, de líneas suaves y estructuras corpóreas.       For ten years, Carlos Cabral and Malú Fernández de Castro [...]

Alejandra Solar

Alejandra Solar is a Mexican jeweler who has studied at Massana School in Barcelona and who now lives in Luxemburg. Currently she is participating in the Schmuck fair where Mexico, Turkey and China are represented for the first time. L’Alejandra Solar és una joiera mexicana que després de passar uns anys a Barcelona, va estudiar [...]

Martacarmela Sotelo

On this artist’s website you can discover other aspects of her work. Klimt02. Podeu descobrir altres aspectes de l’obra d’aquesta artista al seu web. Klimt02.

Eliana R. Arenas

You can learn more about this jeweler by visiting both her website as well as the Heidi Love Jewelry website. Podeu descobrir més coses d’aquesta joiera al seu web i al de Heidi Lowe Jewelry.

Holinka Escudero

These are some of Holinka Escudero‘s rings, more of which you can see on her website and also on Kit and Caboodle and Crafthaus. Aquests són alguns dels anells de la Holinka Escudero però en podeu veure més a la seva web i també a Kit and Caboodle i Crafthaus.

Dania Chelminsky

This artist uses contrasting materials and her work evokes for me histories and memories. Klimt02. Aquesta artista utilitza materials contrastats i el seu treball m’evoca històries i records. Klimt02.

Gray Area Symposium: Day 5

 Gray Area Symposium 1st international encounter of contemporary jewellery:europe – latin america MEXICO CITY, APRIL 2010   Day 5Friday 16.04 Theme III. Reshaping the Gray Area: Creating, Connecting, Disseminating 10:30 WorktableLecturers, organizers and audience will have the opportunity to discuss the results of the symposium and formulate ideas for future cooperation projects 13:00 Closure of [...]

Gray Area Symposium: Day 4

Program Walking the Gray Area blog

Walking the Gray Area: the exhibition

Today is the opening exhibition “Walking the Gray Area“  at Emilia Cohen gallery with the work of artists who, since last September, have been engaged in dialogue about mobility, identities and contemporary jewelry. We have been following them on the Walking the Gray Area blog. Also more information on Klimt02. Avui és la inauguració de l’exposició “Walking [...]

Gray Area Symposium: Day 3

Gray Area is an ambitious project that began last September and culminates in the next few days with a symposium and other parallel events. I reproduce below Valeria Vallarta’s post where she explains the project on the Walking the Gray Area blog. Gray Area és un ambiciós projecte que va començar el passat setembre i [...]

Gray Area Symposium: Day 2

Program Walking the Gray Area blog

Gray Area Symposium: Day 1

Walking the gray area Gray Area Symposium 1st international encounter of contemporary jewellery:europe – latin america MEXICO CITY, APRIL 2010 Day 1Monday 12.04 Theme I. What Does It Mean To Us? Jewellery, Identity and Communication 09:00 Registration of participants 11:00 Welcome 11:30 Gray Matter: No Brain, No GainManon van Kouswijk (The Netherlands)Jewellery maker, head of [...]

Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez

Les joies d’aquest escultor i joier són com artefactes que semblen tenir moltes funcions. The jewels of this sculptor and jeweler are like artifacts that seem to have many functions.

Lorena Angulo

M’atrauen aquests cors que m’evoquen l’obra de la Frida Kahlo. M’imagino a la Lorena creant-los apassionadament, tot perquè un dia algú en triï un per tenir-lo sempre més ben a prop, talment un amulet. Crafthaus. These hearts attract me and evoke Frida Kahlo‘s work. I imagine Lorena creating them passionately, knowing that one day someone [...]

Jorge Manilla

Ahir la Valeria Vallarta Siemelink va postejar una fabulosa selecció d’imatges de joieria contemporània llatino-americana a Crafthaus. L’obra d’aquest joier gira entorn la simbologia religiosa i l’espiritualitat. Les seves càlides peces evoquen el nostre pas per la vida i allò desconegut que ens espera després de la mort. Klimt02 i Crafhaus. Yesterday, Valeria Vallarta Siemelink [...]


Ja fa uns mesos que conec el treball d’aquesta artista i a través del seu blog m’he anat assabentant del seu procés creatiu, de les proves, dels resultats, de les seves preferències. Resulta gratificant veure com es van resolent les seves preocupacions i troba solucions satisfactòries.