“Lo Olvidado” by Joyas Sensacionales Collective at Lalabeyou in Madrid

"Lo Olvidado" by Joyas Sensacionales Collective at Lalabeyou in Madrid

      Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Lo Olvidado” by the Joyas Sensacionales collective coordinated by jeweler Silvia Walz at Lalabeyou in Madrid. You can find  more information at the “Joyas Sensacionales” website and on our Facebook page. Photos by clicking here.  

Laura Márquez

Laura Márquez works with natural stones and mainly finds inspiration from geometrical shapes. She uses silver, gold and platinum to make one-of-a-kind pieces and limited series. La Laura Márquez  treballa amb pedres naturals i s’inspira bàsicament en formes geomètriques. Utilitza plata, or i platí i fa peces úniques o sèries limitades. Since 1993 she has combined [...]

Laura GC and the Centro de Estudios Joyeros de Madrid

Recently, I traveled for some days to Madrid where I spent time with jeweler Laura GC.  We met last summer at the on-line community Crafthaus. Recentment he passat uns dies a Madrid  i ho he aprofitat per trobar-me personalment amb la joiera Laura GC a qui vaig conèixer aquest estiu per mitjà de la comunitat on-line [...]