Kazumi Nagano. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

Kazumi Nagano. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

Brooch,Non, 2014,Linen paper/Nylon thread/Gold(18ct)/Pin-950 silver,Woven,11X9X4 cm   At university I studied Nihonga the traditional way of Japanese painting which I then continued far some years. This training way still somehow influences my present work. The works are painted with the ink “Sumi”. The thickness of the resulting ink can be varied according to my preference [...]

Natsumi  Kaihara

Natsumi  Kaihara

  Polyphony  of  Silence My actual work has been a discovery of the dialogue between my labor and a remembrance. It has been an approach to that memory; a sensation felt during childhood. As if I got close to its essence; like I was part of it, as if it  had fallen over me or [...]

Akiko Kurihara

Akiko Kurihara

  ” S ” / necklace, bracelet etc… / silver925 and 20K gold 100 pieces of “S” made of silver925, and a piece made of 20K gold. They have identical shapes, but I stamped serial numbers to give them individual character. By combining each piece like a puzzle ring, you can make necklace or bracelet etc…of your [...]

Reiko Ishiyama

Reiko Ishiyama

  My work has an almost fragile quality, stressing lightness and mobility. By shaping paper thin sheets of silver, I can house space itself. When people hold my work in their hands, they are often surprised by its delicacy and lightness. There is an evanescent, momentary quality that I hope people can truly savor when [...]

“Hanging Gardens” Exhibition by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio

"Hanging Gardens" Exhibition by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio

  Today is the opening of the exhibition ”Hanging Gardens” by Mari Ishikawa at K-Studio in Tokyo, with a lecture by the artist tomorrow. The exhibition runs until September 29th. For more informations please visit the Klimt02 and the O-Jewel websites. Older posts from this jeweler.

Kenta Katakura

Kenta Katakura

        Jewels by Kenta Katakura who is one of the artists participating in the exhibition “Wood” at Velvet da Vinci Gallery.   Joies de Kenta Katakura, un dels artistes que participen en l’exposició ”Wood” a la galeria Velvet da Vinci.    

Akihiro Ikeyama

Akihiro Ikeyama

            I met Akihiro Ikeyama in Munich and told you about his Mobile Gallery.   Now is the time to show you some of his jewelry work.   Vaig conèixr a l’Akihiro Ikeyama a Munich i ja us vaig parlar de la seva Mobile Gallery. Ara és el moment de veure [...]

Liisa Hashimoto

Liisa Hashimoto works with silver, copper and brass. Her jewels seem to be drawn from a fairy tale. She is one of the jewelers taking part in the exhibition “Conceptual Jewellery” at Putty Gallery in Riga. La Liisa Hashimoto treballa amb plata, coure i llautó. Les seves joies semblen extretes d’un conte de fades. Actualment participa [...]

"18kt Drawings" Exhibition by Marc Monzó at Deux Poissons

This Friday June 3rd is the opening of the exhibition 18kt Drawings by Marc Monzó at Gallery Deux Poissons. The exhibition runs until June 19th. – June 4th lecture at Gallery Deux Poissons. – June 7th lecture at Hiko Mizuno College. Older posts from this jeweler. El proper divendres 3 de juny és la inauguració [...]


Hiroko Miyamoto

These jewels are made using the ancient Japanese techniques kum boo and mokume. You can find more information on this artist’s website. Aquestes joies són fetes utilitzant les antigues tècniques japoneses kum boo i mokume. Trobareu més informació al web de la joiera.

"All that glitter is not gold…." Exhibition by Lisa Björke and Märta Mattsson in Japan

 Lisa Björke Märta Mattsson From tomorrow until November 30th you can visit the exhibition “All that Glitters is Not Gold….” by Lisa Björke and Märta Mattsson at Jubilee Gallery in Japan. Des de demà i fins el dia 30 de novembre es podrà visitar l’exposició “All that glitter is not gold….” de la Lisa Björke i la Märta [...]

Emi Fukuda

I discovered Emi Fukuda‘s work at the “Des bijoux d’aujourd’hui” blog. These images are from the “microcosm ring” series published on the artist’s blog at the beginning of this month. Al blog “Des bijoux d’aujourd’hui” he descobet el treball d’Emi Fukuda. Aquestes són imatges de la serie “microcosm ring” publicades al blog de l’artista a [...]

Taisuke Nakada at "Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona"

Today is the last day of the “Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona” fair, an event I recommend you don’t miss. With his jewels, Taisuke Nakada aims to bring energy to the wearer and impact upon one’s mind. Avui és el darrer dia de la fira “Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de [...]

Mari Funaki

In memory of the jeweler and gallerist Mari Funaki who passed away a few days ago. Gallery Funaki. En memòria de la joiera i galerista Mari Funaki que va morir fa uns dies. Gallery Funaki.

Kyoko Hashimoto

Al blog d’aquesta artista es pot seguir el seu procés de treball, les seves fonts d’inspiració, esdeveniments i el dia a dia de la seva feina. On this artist‘s blog you can follow her work process, sources of inspiration, events and daily work progress.

Akiko Ban

He trobat el treball d’aquesta joiera a “Noovo Editions” i he gaudit visitant el seu web. I found this jeweler‘s work in “Noovo Editions” and enjoyed visiting her website.

Rui Kikuchi

Aquesta joiera utilitza el procés de l’art de tallar el paper (kirigami) per fer les seves joies que esdevenen delicades flors de plata. En el seu blog “Rubikus” recull informació sobre el món de la joieria sobretot del Japó i Australia. Kit and caboodle, Studio 2017 i DefiniteStyle. This jeweler uses the art process of [...]

Kaori Juzu

Formes orgàniques senzilles recobertes d’esmalt que es converteixen en tresors. A l’autora li agrada fer servir la paraula danesa “klenodie” (tresor) per referir-se a les seves peces, coses petites i càlides que et fan sentir bé. Aquesta artista participa a l’exposició KORU3 que fins el dia 28 d’aquest mes es pot visitar a Imatra (Finlàndia). [...]

Masao Takahashi

Des del moment que les he vist m’han encuriosit aquestes joies fetes amb closca d’ou d’austruç. Galerie Rob Koudijs i Klimt02. These jewels made with ostrich eggs puzzled me as soon as I saw them. Galerie Rob Koudijs and Klimt02.

Hiroki Masuzaki

Les peces on aquest artista utilitza la fotografia són plenes de misteri. Galerie Rob Koudijs i Klimt02. Pieces by this artist that include photography are full of mystery. Galerie Rob Koudijs and Klimt02.

Suo, Emiko

Aquesta artista al començar a treballar pensa amb els materials i li agrada sobretot la contradicció que a cops es presenta quan una cosa que pot semblar suau en realitat és extremadament dura. Gallery C.A.J. When this artist begins to work, she thinks first about the materials. She’s attracted by the notion and apparent contradiction [...]

Jiro Kamata

Aquest joier utilitza lents de càmera fotogràfica i les peces van canviant segons el que en elles es reflexa. La seva exposició “Momentopia” es pot veure fins el dia 15 d’aquest mes a la Galerie Rob Koudijs. This jeweler used the camera lens to reflect on his pieces as they were developing. His exhibition “Momentopia” [...]

Akiko Kurihara

En el treball d’aquesta artista abunden les idees originals, val la pena aturar-se al seu web. This artist’s work is rich with good ideas. It’s interesting to visit her website.