“Small Witnesses of Private Spaces” Exhibition at CEKAO Gallery in Zagreb

"Small Witnesses of Private Spaces" Exhibition at CEKAO Gallery in Zagreb

  This is an exhibition of jewellery designers who have finished the course ‘Jewellery Design’ at the Centre for Culture within the Public Open University Zagreb. The course started in 1985 and was lead by three artists so far, first by Aranka Njirić Varga, then by Relja Rajković. For the last several years Davor Šuk [...]

Vesna Kolobarić

Myprofession base is a fashion and textile designer. I love the softness ofsupple fabric, and more is a bigger challenge her  floater  turnedinto precious silver, to create texture and tailor it to bend and wrap around the finger, winding aroundneck, silver button up or unbutton blouse… Myinspiration …isUniverse and human place in him, Universe is an [...]

Nina Bukvic

És admirable la subtilesa que desprenen aquestes peces elaborades teixint fil o cadena on sovinteja el negre de la plata oxidada a vegades combinada amb or. Se te’n van els dits per tocar-les, doncs s’imaginen suaus, moldejables. A les galeries Flow i Electrum de Londres s’hi poden trobar les peces d’aquesta joiera.