Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Anne Wiedau




In different varieties technical styles, playing with mechanical movement and designing on the computer is fascinating me since the beginning of my professional training.
My roots in craft awoke my desire to find a way to link the two areas of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary intermedia technology.

Combining children’s drawings with jewelry, makes it possible to return aspects which we have lost in our development from childhood to adulthood.

With the help of virtual reality, I add aspects to the jewelry to increase the uniqueness and characteristic of each single piece.

By making each individual piece of jewelry to create unique pieces that develop 
similarly to humans has its own character, which can develop through the link with the computer-generated part on.

By the individual crafting of each jewelry piece, uniques are produced which develop their own humanoid characters which can be enhanced by computer generated parts.











Jewels by Anne Wiedau.


Joies de la Anne Wiedau.

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