Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Nolia Shakti



Collection “Throw away gold” 

Over the past decades, the human population has had a profound impact on our ecosystem and in some cases has completely depleted natural resources. Our greed and eagerness to possess, and consume has led us to a point where we can no longer clearly distinguish what is precious and what is not.

We dispose, in an instant something which is beautiful without a second thought,. To me, the disposable Nespresso coffee capsules ARE beautiful.

This collection of jewellery does not identify with one country or a continent, but rather relates to a social group within human society – High-end consumers of the western developed world.

It is about a specific point of time within the human cultural development…how far  have we climbed?

I compare coffee to gold. Gold is considered to be the most precious, sought and fought after commodity, bought as an investment or security for the future. What about coffee, is it the same?

Gold is a commodity,

Coffee is a commodity

Gold is coffee – coffee is gold;

Used coffee capsules become a golden necklace,

It is a fair trade, trading one for the other. 


Necklace Petals both


earring Balloons


Necklace black flowers


I met Nolia Shakti for the first time in 2011 and she invited me to visit her studio in Amsterdam. I was very surprised by her work using Nespresso capsules and another collection using iron and pearls based on the theme of feminine and masculine . For more information you can visit her website, page on Klimt02 and Fan Page on Facebook. I also invite you to read my old post about her.

Vaig conèixer a la Nolia Shakti a Amsterdam el 2011 i em va convidar a visitar el seu estudi. Em va sorpendre molt el seu treball fent servir càpsules Nespresso així com també la col·lecció on utilitzava ferro i perles en base a la feminitat i masculinitat. Trobareu més informació al seu web, la seva pàgina del Klimt02 i a la Fan Page al Facebook. També us convido a llegir el post que vaig fer sobre ella al 2011.


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