Friday, April 10th, 2015

Sébastien Carré





The making of this piece of jewellery is inspired by cell mitosis. The modular process used to produce its shape, and the interactivity of materials chosen, bring forth the idea of a living organism.

The materials I use are picked in order to allow me to work outside of the studio despite the constraints of my disease (EG: CHRONES). The textile became one of the most obvious choices of material to use during my creative process to create objects to represent parts of the human body, to symbolize the concept of the inflammation or to even question our relationship with our own body and others’.

Even if we can find cathartic meaning in my pieces of jewellery, I consider them more interactive artefacts designed to help you feel your own body and to instigate discussion and thus interpersonal communication.


















Sébastien Carré is a French jeweler who was one of the artists selected for Talente 2015 celebrated last March in Munich. Recently he won the Prize for Young Creation 2015 by Ateliers d’Art de France (to be exhibited at the Revelations fair in Paris, Grand Palais in September 2015) as well as being an artist selected for the European Prize for Applied Art 2015 by WCC-BD. For more information please visit his website and Fan Page on Facebook.


Sébastien Carré és un joier francès que va ser un dels artistes seleccionats per Talente 2015 celebrat el passat mes de març a Munic. Recentment ha guanyat el Prize for Young Creation 2015 dels Ateliers d’Art de France (l’exposició es verurà a la fira Revelations a París, Grand Palais al Setembre 2015) a més també ha estat seleccionat per l’European Prize for Applied Art 2015 organitzat per WCC-BD. Trobareu més informació al seu web i a la seva Fan Page del Facebook.

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