Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Simon Cottrell. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

2-Layer Clump Leg 2013

Layer Clump Leg. 2013. Monel, Stainless steel, mirrored synthetic polymer resin. 8 x 9 x 5 cm.


Each new work always has clear familial precedents that are quite irrelevant to its role as jewellery. These relationships are wholly the result of the thorough exploratory evolution of other aims and intentions. My primary consideration is the intimate potential relationships between a singular object and a singular person. In this context, the work must be open ended, allowing for collaboration with its wearer towards their signage of self.

It is human nature to attempt to make clear sense of our surroundings. When our senses are presented with something that is familiar and yet also ambiguous, our curiosity is triggered and sensory engagement is extended. This is because our ability to be definitive about what we are actually looking at becomes hard to bring to a clear resolve.

I try to make objects that are loaded with ambiguity and quiet contradictions, which are unveiled slowly through close sensory engagement. For example, my jewellery is large, but lightweight, mechanistic but organic, monotone, but dynamic in form, bold but gentle, delicate but indestructible. Superficially they appear challenging and austere, but such shallow perceptions are only the starting point when relating to an object such as jewellery, which has the potential to unfold through an ongoing relationship with its wearer.



3-Circle on circles

Circle on Circles. 2013. Monel, Stainless steel, powder coat. 7 x 7 x 3.5 cm.


Simon Cottrell  is one of the artists selected for Schmuck 2015.

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