Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Isabella Liu

Mending - Shoulder Brooch In a Big Ceramic Pottery


'Mending' Collection Tableware Set


Inspired by oriental art of Kintsugi and my design philosophy, I believe that anything suffering damage has it’s potential to become more beautiful.  I aim to create an emotional response in both the wearer and the viewer of my conceptual works.

In the ‘Mending’ collection, I have chosen to focus on broken and fragile objects, and utilising narrative approaches and designs a set of ceramic tableware. Instead of hiding their damaged areas I opted to celebrate and highlight their fragility into a wearable piece of art with a sculptural form and giving them a new life. I push the boundary of object and jewellery. The golden crack is intended to be appreciated both on the body as a piece of jewellery as well as off within the porcelain as a tableware in its own right, which engages audiences by transforming the piece.

I regard the creation processes of jewellery as a method of self-cultivation. I recognize the cracks and fragilities of life and is able to transform perceived injuries and imperfections into beauty. In the ‘Mending’ collection, I present this inspirational and hopeful belief that by changing our thinking about life’s injuries and by mending them with joy and peace, beauty and illumination can transpire from them. 


Mending-One Small Brooch in a Petite Ceramic Pottery


Mending-One Earring in a Petite Ceramic Pottery


Mending-One Brooch in a Ceramic pottery3


Mending-One Brooch in a Ceramic Pottery


Mending-Double Rings in One Big Ceramic Pottery2


Mending-Double Earrings in a Pair of Petite Ceramic Potteries


Mending - Shoulder Brooch In a Big Ceramic Pottery copy


Mending - Double Rings in a Ceramic Pottery


These are images of the ‘Mending’ collection by Isabella Liu, a Chinese jeweler based in UK who was the 1st finalist in the Enjoia’t 2014 Student category in Barcelona last October during the JOYA fair. For more information please visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Aquestes són imatges de la col·lecció ‘Mending’ de l’Isabella Liu, joiera xinesa que viu al Regne Unit i que va ser la primera finalista del premi Enjoia’t 2014 de la categoria “Estudiant” el passat Octubre durant la fira JOYA a Barcelona. Trobareu més informació al seu web i la podeu seguir al Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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