Monday, January 19th, 2015

“Ludus Gemmarum” Exhibition by Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba in Barcelona


“Trapped Cloud” by Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba L. Brooch. Silver, copper, enamel, gold and lapis lazuli. 6,5 x 7,5 cm. 2014.







At the exhibition “Ludus Gemmarum” Lluís Comín and Montserrat Lacomba, jewels from their work related to memory and landscape have been shown. The “game of jewels” giving title to the exhibition led them to create a piece together, the brooch “Trapped Cloud,” which is the meeting point of two paths converging with two different ways of working. Fragments of nature and memory form a composition with soft volumes and strong contrasts, a synthesis of both worlds.






Lluís Comín, Montserrat Lacomba and Marianne Gassier



Montserrat Lacomba, Juan Riusech, Isabelle Busnel, Marianne Gassier and Lluís Comín




Montserrat Lacomba, Silvia Walz and Lourdes Carmelo


Montserrat Lacomba and Montse Bordas


Jewels by Lluís Comin


Jewels by Montserrat Lacomba






Lluís Comin and I closed our exhibition “Ludus Gemmarum” a few days ago in Barcelona, a project which has been a great experience for us both and we learned a lot from each other. At the end, we decided to make an exchange: he give me his brooch “Diàspora” which I like very much and I brought him my brooch “Mountain on a Cloud” from the “Dreamed Landscapes” Series.
This was our first project together and I hope it won’t be the last. Thank you very much for your friendship Lluís!

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Fa uns diesha finalitzat l’exposició d’en Lluís Comin i meva tiltulada ”Ludus Gemmarum” a Barcelona, un projecte que ha estat una bona experiència per a tots dos i hem après l’un de l’altre. Per acabar hem decidit fer un intercanvi, ell m’ha donat el seu fermall “Diàspora” que m’agrada molt i jo li he donat el meu fermall “Mountain on a Cloud” de la sèrie “Dreamed Landscapes”
Ha sigut el nostre primer projecte i espero que no sigui el darrer. Moltes gràcies per la teva amistat Lluís!

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