Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Katharina Dettar. Selected Artist for Schmuck 2015

corpus II




“Not the paths between tradition and future, but the as unlinked lived worlds of art and contemporary jewelry are reflected in the objects and jewelry pieces of Katharina Dettar. To move on the inextricable plateau of art means for her to find searching and expressing in something external, conceptional. The intimacy of her jewels however, corresponds with thevery persona, inner worlds, which when put together, unconsciously find a way into the material and which do not want to be interpreted, but rest locked inside like in a treasurechest.”

 Julia Wild

whatever it is II


whatever it is I


wearing them


Photographies by Manu Ocaña

Katharina Dettar is one of the artists selected for Schmuck 2015.  She participated in the Plateaus Project exhibition presented in Munich during Schmuck and Barcelona during JOYA last year.  You can find more information on her website.

Find references to her work by clicking here.


Katharina Dettar és una dels artistes seleccionats per Schmuck 2015. Ella va participar en l’exposició Plateaus Project que es va presentar l’any passat a Munich durant Schmuck i a Barcelona durant JOYA. Trobareu més informació al seu web.

Més referències  a la seva feina clicant aquí.


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