Monday, December 8th, 2014

Claudia Steiner

2 claudia steiner_brooch urban landscape


3 claudia steiner_brooch urban landscape


1 claudia steiner_brooch urban landscape


I try always to find an connection between pure forms, raw forms, spaces, rooms, frames and ornaments.

Most of my work is inspired by nature, architecture and what I called „urbanpatterns“. The searching and finding of shapes and transforming it to a new character and aesthetical expression, based on the „original“.
I work a lot of taking photos of things in my surrounding wherever I am. 
Maybe something small not important when you first see it – but for me they have something special.  


8 claudia steiner_ring urban landscape


6 claudia steiner_ring urban landscape


9 claudia steiner_necklace urban landscape


7 claudia steiner_earrings urban landscape


5 claudia steiner_earrings urban landscape


4 claudia steiner_ring urban landscape


10 claudia steiner_necklace urban landscape


Claudia Steiner is a jeweler from Austria and in these pictures you can see jewels from her “urban landscape” series made with silver, resin, pigments and wood veneer. Until December 20th you can visit an exhibition with her jewelry at the atelier/galerie SCHMUCKSTELLE, which is her studio in Wien. For more information please visit her website.


La Claudia Steiner és una joiera d’Austria i en aqueste imatges podeu veure joies de la seva seie “paisatge urbà”fetes amb plata, resina, pigments i làmines de fusta. Fins el 20 de Desembre es pot visitar una exposició amb peces seves al taller/galeria SCHMUCKSTELLE, que és el seu estudi a Viena. Trobareu més informació al seu web.


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