Friday, November 14th, 2014

Isabelle Busnel

Isabelle Busnel Owls Brooch


I believe jewellery is the most powerful, yet underrated, means of communicating visually between people: I want to promote jewellery as a catalyst of social interactions.

Silicone rubber is a fascinating material for jewellery and, when appropriately worked, lures viewers into mistaking it for ceramic, plaster or plastic. They are drawn into grabbing and touching the pieces only to realise it is not what they initially thought it was. The brooches are rooted into the most traditional heritage through the use of iconic pieces of classic jewellery (cameos, pearls, tiger heads, skulls, owls…). Their original combination and arrangement further enhances the contrast with the unexpected material, as does the white uniform colour, as if the pieces had been washed out and brought back to their very essence. This hiatus between what you see and what you expect from such a classical iconography is what makes those brooches visually intriguing and socially communicative.


Isabelle Busnel Spiders Necklace


Isabelle Busnel Brooch worn by Louise


Isabelle Busnel Frogs Necklace


Isabelle Busnel Angels Necklace


Isabelle Busnel Pearls Necklace


Isabelle Busnel Skulls Brooch worn by Eric


Isabelle Busnel Angel Brooch


Isabelle Busnel Classic Brooch


Isabelle Busnel Small skull brooches



I met Isabelle Busnel in Barcelona last month during the JOYA fair as well as last week  in Amsterdam at the SIERAAD fair.   She participated in both fairs. She has been a member of the Dialogue Collective since 2012, a group based in London that will have an exhibition during Schmuck in Munich next year. Currently she is participating in the exhibition “30 years in the making” at Lesley Craze Gallery in London (UK), while in March she’s planing an exhibition at Jacqueline’s Choice, also in London.  I recommend you visit her website and blog and enjoy her work.


Vaig veure a l’Isabelle Busnel a Barcelona el mes passat durant la fira JOYA i també l’he trobat a Amsterdam a la fira SIERAAD, ella ha participat en totes dues. Des del 2012 és membre de Dialogue Collective, un grup establert a Londres que tindrà una exposició durant Schmuck a Munich l’any que ve. Actualment l’Isabelle participa en l’exposició ”30 years in the making” a Lesley Craze Gallery de Londres (UK) i al mes de març exposarà a Jacqueline’s Choice, també a Londres. Us recomano que visiteu el seu web i el blog i gaudiu de la seva feina.


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