Friday, October 31st, 2014

Steffi Götze

In Between 9


My work is an experimental and personal dialogue with poetry, intuition, the conscious and the unconscious, culture, experiences, emotions… I communicate the basic human emotions and memories through color, textures and narrative objects. My work is like a souvenir one takes home from a trip abroad, allowing oneself to return to the moment of purchase and be flooded with all the memories.

My jewelries are wearable life stories.


In Between 10


In Between 7


In Between 05


In Between 04


In Between 01


In Between 02


In Between 03


In Between 8


These are jewels from the series “IN BETWEEN” by Steffi Götze, that I saw in Barcelona during the JOYA fair. Some of these pieces are at the Galerie Toiles de Mer in Peyriac-de-Mere (France) and at RING RING Arts&crafts BCN in Barcelona.  Her work is also in an exhibition at A17 Gallery in Vilnius (Lithuania). Steffi has a lot of projects and is currently working on a new series based on the concept of interior and exterior, conscious and unconscious.

Aquestes són joies de la sèrie ”IN BETWEEN” de la Steffi Götze que vaig veure a Barcelona durant la fira JOYA. algunes d’aquestes peces són a la Galerie Toiles de Mer Peyriac-de-Mere (França) i a RING RING Arts&crafts BCN a Barcelona. El seu traball també està en exposició a la A17 Gallery a Vilnius (Lithuania)


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