Friday, October 17th, 2014

Corrado De Meo

The island of two volcanoes, brooch, year 2014 polystyrene, acrylic paint, nylon, silver, resin, cm. 9,5x5,5x4,5


The first cognitive act that I do in front of whatever object  is the definition of its volumes and to follow its design in space and to define in its forms  exposed  to light; what follows is the desire to harmonize those analyzed forms within their structure, in another  very complex form as that of human body.

This study commits me so to compose a fundamental sector of my research that its fine is to give an unexpected lightness  to those volumes using very light materials. In my jewelry, I want also to project my awareness in their process of execution, crystallizing  the phases of transformation into  substance in which they are made. I ask myself to point out the phases of their becoming, to discover harmony and balance present in each phase in which matter mysteriously takes form, following those laws that regulate its structure participating in the reality of all the things, in the world that are in constant and continuous transformation.

Observing afterwards, a colored form I don’t only feel a visible emotion, because color initially belongs to the domain of unconscious,  subsequently to that of reason of mind, and in taking shape expressing its sonorities becomes a global perception that speaks to our entire essence.


Cerro negro, brooch, year 2014polystyrene, acrylic paint, resin, nylon, silver, cm 8x4,5




My research on Volcanoes is inspired on the earth’s surface, that receives, in its interior, continuous requests of movement and transformation. A live earth than manifests its vitality through volcanoes mouths, from where magma flows in form of lava and it constantly changes the earth’s crust. This is, what I am depicting symbolically at this stage of research. In this work of mine, through a particular process of execution, I used both fire and plastic as a starting point, to reproduce an organic aspect of the earth’s crust in the form of solidified lava, and I utilized for a finishing touch, a synthetic resin, in order to focus its luster, pinpointing the attention on drama of the transition process of matter.

On the working phase, I followed pure chance, nonetheless without losing the ability, to control unexpectedness during the working process. At last, playing with matter, has become an alchemical operation, that was finished only at the moment, when the colored pigments were added to the resin, when they penetrated within their layers, a final transformation took place, in an equilibrium between a primordial and contemporary one.


Black sunset, brooch, year 2014, polystyrene, acrylic paint, resin, silver, wood, cm 14x5,5x4


Black under surface, brooch, year 2014, polystyrene, acrylic paint, resin, nylon, silver, cm 13,5x9,5x2,5


I met Corrado de Meo for the first time a few days ago at the JOYA Fair in Barcelona where he had shown some of his black jewels. I recommend you visit his website and his page on Klimt02.


Vaig conèixer a Corrado de Meo fa uns dies a la fira JOYA a Barcelona on hi mostrava algunes de les seves joies negres. Us recomano que visiteu el seu web i la seva pàgina de Klimt02.

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