Monday, April 14th, 2014

Christoph Straube





Enamel necklaces/brooches In making of these jewellery pieces I have limited myself to using simple basic shapes. By means of finely painted black enamel lines on a white background coating, they are reminiscent of sketch-like ink drawings and look like reproductions of traditional jewellery that have been complemented by an ironic touch. The basic shapes which I use confine myself in terms of form-giving and functionality. Though, in my work as a jewellery maker I appreciate these constraints, because creative freedom can be experienced through them even more.







I’ve been intrigued by the jewels of Christoph Straube and fortunately I was able to see them in Munich last month. He was a selected artist for Schmuck 2014 but I also saw his work at the JAC stand at the Handwerk & Design Fair. The white enamel is like a sheet of paper where he designs basic forms and, with the use of perspective, his pieces show a strong three-dimensional effect reinforced by the absence of color.


Estava ben intrigada amb les joies d’en Christoph Straube i afortunadament les vaig poder veure a Munich el mes passat. Era un dels artistes seleccionats a Schmuck 2014 i a més les seves peces també les vaig trobar al stand del JAC a la fira Handwerk & Design. L’esmalt blanc és com un full de paper on ell dibuixa formes simples i tot fent servir la perspectiva les joies adopten un efecte de tres dimensions reforçat per l’absència de color.

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  1. Beautiful work, very intriguing. Thanks for showing Montserrat.

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