Monday, April 7th, 2014

Angela Simone

Image_6241 Fiori bianche e neri


'GHIRIGORO' ottobre 2013 low


“I have always had a love for paper. I love its perfumes, its consistency, its soul, fragile and yet strong. With each type of paper, I receive different sensations and therefore am inspired in different ways.  All you have to do is listen.”  In the last collection, I felt the need to work around empty forms, after having filled forms, so I used corrugated cardboard and copper too. The metal allows me to give more structure and strength which is even more unlikely in the forms made with the single sheet.


spilla 'SPIRALI DI LUCi' ott 2013 low


collana triangoli vuoti e cerchi rame bassa


girocollo bianca





Angela Simone  is an Italian paper designer, graphic designer and photographer who participated in the past edition of JOYA in Barcelona. You can find more information by visiting her website.


L’Angela Simone és una dissenyadora de paper, dissenyadora gràfica i fotògrafa que va participar a la darrera edició de JOYA a Barcelona. Podeu trobar més informació al seu web.



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